PlayDevil: Sega Rally Online Arcade Review

Does the XBLA Sega Rally live up to an older gamer's expectations for the series?

Here is a snippet:

"Most of the game is about unlockables, which require multiple play-throughs of the same modes with the various cars available. You can also play ‘classic’- which is just a single race on a different track with the cars from the original rally game, or do time trials and quick races. Either way, there’s only 5 tracks in total, and even getting the full 200GS only took me about 3 hours."

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Yi-Long4297d ago

... if you can just as well pick up Dirt 2 for less than 10 bucks, new, from a local shop, which has alot more content, better gameplay, and better visuals!?

WolfLeBlack4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

They're very different styles of game, though. But I know what you mean :)

I found Sega Rally got dull pretty quickly.

IanBear4297d ago

For me, this would be a great little pickup if it wasn't all recycled content. I'd played it all before, so that definitely lowered my score.

BuffMordecai4297d ago

This game is awesome with a wheel, just like the arcade.