Interview: BeefJack vs DeathSpank

BeefJack: "DeathSpank is a man of few words – he’s too busy saving fair maidens and delivering justice upon the heads of wrong-doers to spare the time to chat. So it’s a great honour that the man himself should take the time out right before his latest adventure THE BACONING to answer questions set to him by BeefJack’s very own members and Twitter followers – and here’s what he had to say..."

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NukaCola3103d ago

As a hardcore DeathSpank fan, I have to say I am excited to see the series continue. DS is my favorite non-exclusive downloadable game series and both a fantastic. Getting The Baconing day one. I am curious tho, since its not called DeathSpank:The Baconing, if there will be any major differences..

Yi-Long3103d ago

... but due to too many games already on my pile that I have to play (still), I'm still very much in the beginning of the game...

... so I won't be buying The Baconing just yet. First want to finish Death SPank, then pick up Death Spank '2', and after that I'll get this one I hope.

mastershredder3103d ago

Deathspank reminded me a bit too much of Herc's adventures with Psychonauts-like sounds and sprinkles, but it was a fun out zany outing. Anything from the original adventure genepool tends to be pretty awesome no mater how much it evolves over the years.