Playing Battlefield 3 on PS3 Was Just as Glorious as on PC - RipTen

RipTen: "No other shooter looks this good or feels this good on both PlayStaion 3 and PC. Seriously, experiencing Frostbite 2′s power on both systems was beyond impressive."

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Hitman07693096d ago ShowReplies(1)
CrzyFooL3096d ago

it's cool that they were demoing it on PS3 and PC. They usually do 360 and PC. Glad to see it's up to par. DICE ftw.

Kleptic3095d ago

yeah I agree...

I'm surprised no single player, or actual real trailer has been released for the PS3 yet though...all we have is a couple of off screen co op videos, and the Jimmy Fallon thing...I haven't found a direct feed of anything PS3 yet though...

Either way, i'm glad they are at least showing console stuff...

off screen or not...this looks fantastic on PS3...

Matronedea3096d ago

BFBC2 at PAX was what got me so excited about that game, glad to see they're still doing the same with the newer installations.

THC CELL3096d ago

No one has seen the xbox version yet but i bet dice them self would say the best console version would be the ps3

Bull5hifT3096d ago

Yeah somrthing about offloading work to the 6 SPU's or something i read.... Is it like rare for third party developers to take advantage of that? ... I think they should utilize the ps3's 20 GB or Higher Standard HDD in a better way, games running off my PSP Memory Stick runn WAYYy faster than umd games, but PS3 games only get less pop in and same load times as 360.... Yeah im more hyped for this than MW3 since Infinty Ward Died i cant imagine a game being as perfect as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was..... Ohhh well heres hoping Respawn has a Project with Dice in the Future... . I justhope they dont take years with that Halo Wannabe Project

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The story is too old to be commented.