Best Mkv Video converter for the Playstation 3

With the advent of high quality video formats like mkv and xvid, it is really essential to have a fully features Video converter as the Playstation 3 doesn’t playback video files of these formats.

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Agent_hitman3100d ago

MKV stands for Makarov, Makarov file LOL..

You can use makarov file for MW3... nah just kidding

Dark_Overlord3099d ago

MKV2VOB is a horrible program IMO, had nothing but problems with it.

Personally I use 3 different ones (depending on the situation)

Gotsent (for quick mp4 conversion when the original video stream is h264)

Handbrake (an amazing tool for converting most formats to mp4, fully customisable)

Avidemux (enables editing as well as converting)

Any of these 3 will do much better than the mentioned program. The only benefit that MKV2VOB has, is that it has found a way to circumvent cinavia enabled DRM backups.