Tokyo Game Show Game List Released

Tokyo Game Show organizer CESA released today a partial list of games that will be on display at the September event.

At present, as of August 30, TGS is scheduled to have 77 organizations show 664 product. Of these, 477 product were announced today.

As always, the figures include items that may not your expectations for a video game trade show. Among the latest Square Enix and Sega titles are submissions from game development schools. The figures also include peripherals and goods (like Final Fantasy XIII pendants from Square Enix).

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EcoSos33092d ago

I was looking for MH3ds but didn't find it :(

Pedantic913092d ago

Wouldn't you rather have it as a suprise announcement instead of seeing it being on the list just like that ?

Also, it should be noted that Sony still has not yet announced it's line-up for the PS Vita.

EcoSos33092d ago

I know but it maybe a surprise if its not announce, still I'm also getting the vita so no worry if its not announce.

MasterCornholio3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

"Before you read too much into these numbers, we'll repeat that they are based off incomplete data. Regarding the PlayStation Vita, for example, Sony has yet to announce its lineup."

Just so people dont start bashing sony because in the article they said 48 3DS titles and only 7 Vita titles.

WTF Final Fantasy VII for Vita???
Theres also going to be a new RPG for the Vita.
Also i am seeing a Kojima game as well. Could be Zoe for Vita.

Anyways i cant read japanese so for the most part i am just guessing. Would be cool if all that i said were to come true though.

JAMurida3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

What I wanna see:

Resonance of Fate 2
FF Versus
FFXIV (PS3 version)
Dark Cloud 3
WKC 3 (Wishful thinking)

And some more I'm just not thinking of atm.

iWishTifaWasReal3091d ago


such an underrated game

Versus - doubt it (but if they are gonna announce anything about it please DO NOT MAKE IT MULTIPLATFORM)

zero_cool3091d ago

So sweet it makes ya wanna do this...