Counter-Strike: Global Offensive vs. Source - Graphics and Map Comparison

PCG grabbed high res trailer shots of Counter-Strike Global Offensive and compares graphics and map changes with Counter-Strike Source. Check it out!

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LightofDarkness3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Source still looks better in some of those. I wouldn't say there has been any graphical "improvement" or enhancements, so to speak, they've just tried to make it look more like COD. Pretty sad, really. Valve are one of those companies that really DON'T need to do anything like that to have a successful game.

NuclearDuke3102d ago

I would perhaps see a doctor to get my eyes checked if I were you. Joke aside, no I am actually serious.

CS:GO looks better, alot better. It's much more detailed and the landscape(buildings and terrain) looks way better.

I don't see how it looks more like CoD? A game has to renew itself to sell. If they reskinned CS 1.6 and put a $60 price tag on it, how many would bait do u think when they got CS1.6 fully playable on thousands of deedicated servers at this moment?

The game looks decent, they presumably optimized it alot so you can get the best frame rate and spectator view out of it. Afterall, it caters to the competitive scene and live commentary more than public play.

LightofDarkness3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

If you asked me to tell you which game this screenshot is from without any clue as to it's origin, I'd immediately say COD.

There are others that share this similarity, whereas you can easily identify the usual CS motif from the earlier games. CS often has a brighter and more varied palette, this game has been given the dark grey/murky look.

And yes, there are shots where CS:S is more pleasant to look at and even has higher res textures.

NuclearDuke3102d ago

The screenshot you linked has graphics that are suitable for the Source Engine. We can both agree that Call of Duty and the Modern Warfare franchise is no where near the high-end graphics of 2011, but it certainly looks better than CS:GO and I would not recognize one bit of Call of Duty in the screenshot.

Regarding the brightness of the game - There is such an option in your settings.

There isn't a single screenshot where CS:S has higher res textures.

LightofDarkness3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

That one does. Granted, the video isn't of the same resolution, but it's pretty clear to see that the wall and ground textures are sharper all round (if not a little "pasted-on" looking).

Also, upping the brightness doesn't change the colour palette, it just washes out the image with lighter black levels.

And you've got to be honest:


These screenshots look very similar to some of the middle-eastern maps in COD, heck, even the way the crates are designed is reminiscent of COD.

Look, it's obvious that they've re-spec'd the overall design to appeal to a wider audience. COD has the widest audience around at the moment. It's not so impossible that they'd want to and try to appeal to these people. In fact, it'd be stupid not to, from a business perspective. Well, at least it would be if you weren't Valve.

TrevorPhillips3102d ago

CS: GO obviously looks better than CS Source because it is newer and has improvements and more.

floetry1013102d ago

I'm puzzled by the reaction to Global Offensive. Most people are completely under-whelmed. The game isn't absolutely mind-blowingly pretty, but it looks serviceable in a Left 4 Dead kind of way. The beauty of a game like this is that it's accessible to most PC players, as has been the case for many, if not all of Valves games.

Regardless, we haven't even had the chance to play it. If they strike a balance between 1.6 and Source, then I'll surely be putting hundreds of hours into it.

NarooN3102d ago

Apparently people forgot that CS is actually all about the gameplay, NOT the graphics. It's a 100% competitive shooter.