TeamXbox Give Need for Speed ProStreet: 9.0

Electronic Arts has been constantly rewriting the rules of the video-game street racing scene ever since they shocked the world with Need for Speed Underground. Underground was EA's first foray into the "tuner" style market popularized by the important racing scene and an arguably fast and furious movie, and its timing to the extreme racing party couldn't have been any better.

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predator4933d ago

what the hell, this weeks reviews have been upside down, didnt these give assassins creed a 7.9.

are they really saying this game is better than assassins creed?

whats wrong with people this week, it cant be everyone's time of the month, dam

MK_Red4933d ago

"it cant be everyone's time of the month, dam"
Big LOL. Awesome... Really good one.

Things are really crazy. NFS gets 6.8 from IGN, 9 from TX and both give 7 and something to Assassins. Fire Emblem Wii gets some 9s from 1UP and others but suddenly gets 6 from GameSpot who gives 9 to Assassins that 1UP gave 7 to...

InMyOpinion4933d ago

It's weird cause TeamXbox usually write good reviews.

MK_Red4933d ago

Stupid score. They gave 7.9 to Assassins and 9 to NFS PS!!?? There is something definitly wrong with them.

BloodySinner4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

You've got to be kidding me, right? EA pumps out the same old bullshіt that was seen in the previous games, and this retarded website slaps a 9.0? FOR WHAT?

While Ubisoft brings something new and refreshing (not to mention innovative) and they give a 7.9 to Assassin's Creed?

To hell with these reviews. Nonsense, that's what I say.

MK_Red4933d ago

Superb comment. Bubbles for you.
EA is indeed bringing nothing new and all sites call NFS:PO a step backwards for the series (IGN, GT...) while Assassins is a new IP and game with many new and innovative elements and they give 7.9 because they think it repetitive. Hey, isn't NFS PO repetitive!? It is but oh, it's a EA game so they give it high score.

heihoosilver4933d ago

you guys pay much attention to game reviewrs.
play the game and them see if you like it or not.
It´s what i do. First i try on local shop and i like the game i bring it home, simple as that. I don´t give a damn if ninja magazine or pig magazine or the earth to mars site says that the game is awesome or it´s terrible. I try it and them i choose if i want it or not. Play beyond after the jump in or jump in after you play beyond.

power0919994933d ago

Yet this does not apply to the masses.

They take the word of these "reviewers" as if it came from the mouth of god.

I enjoy reading reviews to see what people feel about a game, but I leave it up to myself to decide if I will like it or not.

OOG FunK4933d ago

garbage game deff not worth this review...they move backwards not forwards in the NFS series

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The story is too old to be commented.