Sony's 3D Visor To Change 3D Forever. 750-Inch Screen Mounted on Your Head

Looks like Sony’s 3D Visor will indeed release this year with a confirmed release date, price and some great features that will take 3D gaming and movies to a whole new level including the one that all gamers would love to have — the biggest screen on the block!

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YoungMoney3104d ago

Sony has 3D on lock and now i get it. 700" screen on your grape!

DarkCharizard_3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

WOW! Looks freaking amazing and revolutionary!! ME gonna buy a PS3 now :D

Ohh wait... *looks at visor price* :(

I hope this kind of technology comes to other devices as well B)

Army_of_Darkness3103d ago

It would be pretty sweet using it to watch 3D movies during long road trips, camp or just chillin' in your room. But I wonder if it will be compatible with the PS3 or even PS4?! that would be sweet!

malol3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

sweeeeeeeeeeet !!
lest hope its eye healthy/friendly
i don't want to go blind
+ i already ware glasses so what you have for me sony ?

gamingdroid3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I haven't seen visors with 3D, but I have seen regular visors for sale many years now and they never really took off.

I tried them about a year ago and it was instant discomfort both from wearing the thing and the picture quality was relatively bad and nothing like a movie theater screen.

I'm hoping the technology/comfort level has improved since Sony is making these.

Also as malol points out above, I wear glasses too so I'm forced to wear contacts. :(

thematrix12983103d ago

Sony == Innovation
But their prices are crazy, $783 in recession? Insane!

zeeshan3103d ago

YES!!! I need more details on this man!

SilentNegotiator3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

So technology seizes to be "revolutionary" (YOUR words) if it's pricey? Don't worry, Charizard, one day the price of this will be cheap enough for you to afford....and so will the ps3 :)

darthv723103d ago

Looks like the home VR will be making another try at "reality". Sega and Atari had units they were working on but never really got the pricing and hardware in check with what consumers were willing to pay.

If anyone can finally make this happen it would be sony.

ABizzel13103d ago


Who let you out of your pokeball.

specialguest3103d ago

Theres nothing innovative about this. A company called i,glasses have been making these 3D head mounted displays for over 4 years now. The sony version is just an updated slicker looking version.

The big question is does it have head tracking. This is what will make it an actual virtual reality experience.

In regards to the $783 price tag, thats actually a steal. The I-glasses version which is only has 800x600 res cost $1300.

tee_bag2423103d ago

@ Special Guest - agreed, headtracking needs to be included to really blow my mind

Klaykid1233103d ago


Sony doesn't make Contacts.

bozebo3103d ago

Could be a lot better than other visors like it, but I'd still have to try before I buy lol.

multipayer3103d ago

What may be nice for near sighted people like me, maybe we don't need to wear glasses for this...

blind-reaper3103d ago

It is the introduction price, my dad payed like around $2,500 for a 46inch plasma tv like 10 years ago, was not even 1080p, now you can find one with way more features for a fraction of that amount.

Noctis Aftermath3103d ago

What is up with the title? it's not a 750 inch screen, it has two 0.7 inch screens:

"The display features two 1280×720, 0.7-inch OLED screens that are designed to reproduce the sensation of watching a 750ft screen in 3D from around 20 metres away."

jony_dols3103d ago

DarkCharizard obviously enjoys waggling inaccurate motion controllers at 12 year old hardware.

The rest of us enjoy seeing companies taking a risk with their technology, and see them actually push boundaries.

Rather than them just repackaging last-gen hardware with a Nintendo logo, and instead of investing in new IP's, just rehash the same franchises over & over...

NewMonday3103d ago

this is a TV, so it works with anything, 360 Wii PC PS3...

Deputydon3103d ago

For the 3D tv, anybody know if you can hook up two separate PS3's so that people could play two completely difference games on the tv at once?

Basically so it displays both HDMI ports at once, but only so 1 person can see 1 game.

Right now it just sounds like it only works for coop or something.

andibandit3103d ago


Im sure Sony has thought about the prize and concluded that gamers will go out and get a 3 job to afford those.

HappyGaming3103d ago

Hmmm could you use a magnifying glass in front of each eye so that your eyes lenses dont have to focus 2 centimeters in front of your face but say 6 meters infront of your face and have the focusing effect cancelled out by the glass therefore causing no eye strain...

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fr0sty3104d ago

See that blue line going across the front? Think of the glowing ball on the move controller and how it works... connect the dots.

Sub4Dis3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

they stole my idea. :(

i came up with this the moment they debuted the move. well there's a missed fortune.

but what's throwin me off is that they haven't even released their 3d tv yet. if i had to speculate, i'd say they intended for this to be THE feature for the ps4, then caught wind that MS or Nintendo were working on something similar, so they moved it up.

evrfighter3104d ago

I think we all know how this ones gonna turn out

fr0sty3104d ago

Virtua Boy wasn't virtual reality. Not at all. It was a screen on your face which you could use to play monochrome games in pseudo-3d with.

This has potential to be a lot more. Release this with PS4 with a gyro sensor and the PSeye tracking the blue line on the front of the headset, and you have full on VR. Turn your head, and the angle in game turns with you. Something Virtua Boy could never do which is partly why it failed.

IAmCornHolio3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

No, this tech has no future. All this does is enhance the eyestrain and headaches and motionsickeness that all 3d technologies cause.

Well how about the implosion of 3d ticket sales in this summers movie season?

Really guys, 3d is dead...

noodi13493103d ago

Not trying to cause an argument or anything but I don't think you can really compare virtual boy (1995 tech) with the 2011 tech.

Petro3103d ago

The model that they are going to sell doesn't have that blue line in front. Nor does it look as good as this prototype, but it is more functional.

IAmCornHolio3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )


I am pretty sure the biological circuitry that has caused every other product like this to fail has not been updated in the last 20 years.

Also, the apparent FOV is less that 45 so this product will have the same looking down a toilet paper tube effect that every other failed consumer HMD has had...


Did you strap it to your head? I am not doubting that 3d technology works. I am just being realistic about these glasses. 45 degree fov... to simulate that grab a cardboard tube from your toilet paper roll and look through it. Thats how big the screen will appear in these glasses.

Also Sony admits that this product causes motion sickness and eyestrain right at the end of their press release.

Also 3d theater ticket sales are way off this year. 3d cinema will be phased out over the next couple of years, just like that last 3 times there was a 3d fad in cinema.

MehmetAlperTR3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )


I bought LG Cinema 3D TV.. No lack No headeache No Stomach problem.. It has gotta awesome REAL 3D technology.. I played 7 hour Killzone 3 and i had no any health problem.. No eye strain.. Not like the Shutter Glasses technology.. and its FULL HD 3D.. and it s cheaper than other 3D Tv's very cheap..

Perjoss3103d ago

I love the idea, but if so many people are not prepared to put on regular light weight 3d glasses why on earth would they use one of these. Also what happens when you friends come over to watch a movie with you? Nice idea for people that like watching films / games alone though.

Disccordia3103d ago


If I'm not mistaken, the passive real 3D tvs are not full HD whilst using 3D - in fact, I believe the resolution is HALVED?

kneon3103d ago

@MehmetAlperTR & Disccordia

Yes the passive 3D only offers half the resolution of full HD in one orientation, either horizontally or vertically.

It's possible to create a TV with this technology that would offer full HD resolution but it would have to use either a 1920x2160 or 3840x1080 display, which right now would be outrageously expensive.

DaTruth3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

"The design of this device is such that it covers the maximum possible field of vision (approx. 200 degrees), surpassing the video viewing range of 45 degrees. Any information unrelated to viewing is isolated, resulting in a feeling of deep immersion. The supplied light shield (shade plate) can intercept the light from below, which further enhances the feeling of immersion for the viewer."

Please read the article before commenting! How would you even get a 700" screen @ 20m into 45 degrees? You just needed to use some common sense there!

This is almost the first chance for games that actually operate with 180 degrees of vision - you won't have to turn your head to see any objects beside you.( the game will have to be specially made though!

Veni Vidi Vici3103d ago

Yup, let's make a peripheral for the struggling Move that less than 1% of the Move population will even be able to buy, let alone want to purchase. The line has nothing to do with Move.

Foliage3103d ago

The move isn't struggling, it's doing pretty well. What planet are you on?

If you want to see struggling, look at Kinect and how high a mountain they have to climb to cover the costs of their ridiculous advertising campaigns, that even included opening up many many shops in malls across the world.

Yeah... that is struggling. They will never break even. It's like the whole Halo thing, when you need to climb over hundreds of millions of dollars to cover your ads, there is a problem. Another example: 50 million dollars for GTA DLC..... DLC...... yeah........

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PROJECTbadass3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

people bitch about having to wear 3d glasses. what do you think people will say of these monstrosities?

i like 3d, but i just got a sony bravia 3d tv, so i will most likely wait on these. the visor does look interesting though.

Istanbull3103d ago


I'm gonna purchase this shit! 750" screen? WOW!

karl3103d ago

with that blue glowing light?


and then probably buy it...

Clarence3103d ago

Sony continues to push the boundaries.

Shojin13103d ago

Out of everything supposedly coming out for gamers in the future, this is the sickest!

Cant wait !!!

chriski3333103d ago

Can u imagine watching porn on this hahahaha;)

killcycle3103d ago

But i brought 7 pairs for 3D glasses recently for around £70 each.

Not sure if this is good news for me!

DrVosknocker3103d ago

It says 700" from 20 meters, which would be a 42 degree viewing angle...So 65" TV from 6 feet is the same. 700" just sounds more impressive. Also means the .7" screen is about 9" from your eye.

subtenko3103d ago

Ok this is a theory..

PS4 is gonna use some idea around this...I keep thinking of the "matrix-like" technology that they patented. I see that the ps move and the eyetoy and 3d do take a step TOWARDS that direction. Its only a matter of time before

Imagine playing a ps3 game in real life with the "Big dog" robot O_O

Agree or Disagree if you Agree or Disagree

Bathyj3103d ago

Now this is what I'm talking about. How immersive would that be playing a FPS or racing game?

Its also funny to note the detractors who have been saying 3D is crap because of glasses. Now TV as we know it could change towards glasses.

I've wanted this thing all my life if the quality was there. Looks like it might finally be.

BattleAxe3103d ago

@ DarkCharizard

Didn't I already tell you to sell your PC?


Sweet, a couple price drops and im in

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Kran3103d ago

No. Its like a 3D TV on your head basically. I think.

LightofDarkness3103d ago

Yeah, you're right, you only need the processing box (and something to connect to the box). You can connect a TV to the box and still watch TV through the visor or watch as normal without the visor on your head. Pretty cool, and the asking price isn't terrible when you think about it (OLED 720p for 780?).

kneon3103d ago

This replaces the TV, no need for the 3D TV if you have this.

But this is still a first generation product, the price is too high and the resolution is too low. Once they get it to 1920x1080 resolution and a price below $300 then I can see it selling well.

But it will always be a niche product and is more suitable for games than movies.

Bladesfist3104d ago

$786 and the guy in the video says its not planned for production and price is TBD? Im confused.

BakedGoods3104d ago

The video is old, the article is new.

B1663r3104d ago

Put a pair of HD cameras on that thing and you could use it for all sorts of applications... Like correcting people who are either farsighted or near sighted... maybe you could even fix astigmatism. Or you could use it to tone down the light on a bright day.

Now all they have to do is get its weight down to less than an ounce.

TheFact0033104d ago

too bulky too walk around with and stuff. its only good for sitting down and relaxing

Jihaad_cpt3103d ago

do you walk around and watch tv?

sarshelyam3103d ago

What the hell TheFact...are you this guy?

TheFact0033103d ago

I said that because the guy above me was talking about using them as glasses with sight problems. Thats why i said it would be too bulky for that, retards.

blind-reaper3103d ago

like the solid eye, maybe not now but in the near future.

rmedtx8883104d ago

Awesome! I'm gonna start saving for this one.