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Player Affinity writes: "When the words "Street Fighter" are brought up, many hark back to a simpler time. A time when one would beg their parent to borrow an extra quarter in order to play as the guy who could shoot electricity, or the Russian giant who could overcome any foe. With the release of 3rd Strike Online Edition for PS3 and Xbox 360, these memories can be relived in the comfort of one's own home. And while 3rd Strike may have ditched most of the cast of previous SF games, the characters provide a fun change, something that is held perfectly intact with the Online Edition. With arcade-perfect gameplay and GGPO online integration, this version of 3rd Strike may be the best one yet."

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LightofDarkness3099d ago

Ugh. I'm not buying this game a third time.

Ocean3099d ago

Just waiting to see what the DLC will be, knowing Capcom i'm sure something is waiting in the wings ready to fleece our wallets