What Battlefield 3 needs to steal from Modern Warfare 3, and vice versa

While camps from both sides of the war zone that is 'Battlefield v.s. Call of Duty' continue to duke it out in forums and blogs all over the internet, Ars Technica has a different perspective that balances the argument.

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Hufandpuf3103d ago

"Battlefield 3 needs to steal Modern Warfare 3's availability on Steam"

If BF3 was on steam then there maybe no battlelog. People need to accept Origin. It isn't as bad as it seems. The guys who played the closed BF3 Alpha loved it.

evrfighter3102d ago

we never said we loved it. We only defended it when people were up in arms about there being no server browser menu.

it worked which is the only thing that mattered. I'd still take it over steam any day of the week.

Hufandpuf3102d ago

YOU never said you loved it.

Wizziokid3103d ago

"What Battlefield 3 needs to steal from Modern Warfare 3"


MrBeatdown3102d ago

Split screen would be nice.

SnipeySnake3102d ago

I agree hands down. Splitscreen online on battlefield 3 would complete my life.

bwazy3102d ago

That stuffs unfair online.

MrBeatdown3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )


For starters, there's co-op. Nothing unfair when there are only two people playing to begin with.

And what's unfair about split-screen online play? If both players are in the same squad, or even just on the same team, I don't see how that could possibly be unfair.

TheFirstClassic3102d ago

I'm actually suprised he didn't mention that. Local multiplayer is a fairly big seller for call of duty.

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Cyryl3103d ago


Absolutely correct. I had the honor of being one of those guys and I absolutely loved Battlelog. Far better than any in-game server browser I've used.


And what should Modern Warfare 3 take from Battlefield 3? Don't be so one-sided, man.

There is always plenty that ANY competitor can learn from one another in this industry. I can't even think of an exception to that.

I'm with the Battlefield 3 camp myself - ALL THE WAY. But you know that we'll find something down the line that we see in MW3 that we'd like to see in BF3 and vice versa.

You know the phrase... "There's ALWAYS something."


Nice. Below the belt... But nice. Hehehe...

Gamer_Z3102d ago

I don't think they need to steal anything from anyone, BF3 is an almost perfect shooter (on pc) and well COD can do with an upgrade.

GhettoBlasStarr3102d ago

Only thing I think BF3 needs is a way everyone can chat with each other. Because I think is good for the game when teams can "add fuel to the fire" for better competition. IMO

FAGOL3102d ago

That would be insane. Everyone would just talk over each other, espicially because each squad is doing their own thing.

GhettoBlasStarr3102d ago

In between matches, not during.

Bladesfist3102d ago

I hated inbetween matches on cod. It seemed like a kids rage outlet every time. I talk to my squad only over skype as they are always friends and I prefer it that way. On PC we can talk to whole team anyway via text which has alot less talking over each other during and after games.

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