Resistance 3 - Silence before Storm - TV Commercial

Check out this new TV Commercial "Silence Before Storm" From Sony for Resistance 3.

Resistance 3 is storming the stores on 06-09 in the US & 09-09 worldwide!

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Schism203099d ago

Ill get this game later for the singleplayer only. Uncharted 3 multiplayer is what I really want.

Silly gameAr3099d ago

I'm kinda looking forward to U3 and R3 MP myself.

Pixel_Pusher3098d ago

I felt the same but after checking out the latest version of the MP the gameplay has been excellent it's a damn shame that you couldn't get into it. My top MP for this year are BF3, UC3, Res3.

capjacksparrow3099d ago

Mutiplayer beta is definitely fun. I love the single player though. Just preordered it today actually! I've been waiting for this for a while!

kurochi3098d ago

did you get a good deal on the pre-order? I've been looking but can't find one that will give me an 10 or 20 buck coupon for later game deals. The best I've seen was Neweggs a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately, I missed the boat on that one.

capjacksparrow3098d ago

Nope, just went to my local Gamestop and put down 65 bucks!

3098d ago
DA_SHREDDER3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

I just played the demo and, Ummmm? Whatever you guys say. lol

Ser3098d ago

Didn't do too well in the beta? I thought it was great. It reminded me of Fall of Man a little.