What's the best PlayStation 3 exclusive IP?

By simply looking at Sony's PlayStation 3, for example, you can see a number of videogame franchises that are decisively "PlayStation" in that they are automatically associated with the PlayStation brand. They help set the brand apart from its competitors in a way a multi-platform game can't.

Exclusives offer an experience that is especially unique to the platform. The game is designed, styled and built around the functionality of the console. Do you know of any Gears of War-like titles on PlayStation 3? What about an Uncharted-esque game for Xbox 360? These games are centered around exactly what the console offers in terms of development capabilities.

It's been a fantastic generation for new and exclusive Sony IPs and there is absolutely no shortage of upcoming exclusive titles for the PS3. But which unique IP has thrived the most on the console?

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vyke33093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Too..Much...Games.....Cant.. Choose.......*Head explodes*

Dart893093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )


Edit:Sony should really consider making a smash bros type of game with all thier ip characters imagine Chimera vs Helghast :O.

Rynx3092d ago

Actually I'm all for this idea. SONY has an exclusive in almost every genre. Ever since Namco took the Tekken franchise multiplat, what SONY needs to do now is introduce their own fighting game.

SonyStyled3092d ago

isnt DC:Universe a SOE game? i personally think a fighting game of sony exclusive characters would be korny and a flop

BattleAxe3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

For me its easy:

2.God of War

The next Syphon Filter might turn out to be right up there with Uncharted, and I think that PayDay: The Heist is going to end up being one of my favorite Sony games also. Infamous is a great series too. TOO MUCH QUALITY COMING FROM SONY!!!

The Metal Gear series appears to be going multi-platform, so that why i didn't include MGS4, although it was one of my favorite PS3 games to date.

Dwalls11713093d ago

Yess too many to choose...they should say what is your favorite....mine is GOD OF WAR .....

KingSlayer3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Love Resistance
Love inFamous
Love LBP
Love Uncharted
Love Killzone
Love Warhawk
Love Valkyria Chronicles
Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the best games this gen, regardless of platform.

Biggest3093d ago

I'm in the VC and LBP camps, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to be without any of the other games you listed.

Misterhbk3093d ago

For me personally? I'd say Uncharted edges out Infamous but it's close between the two. Seriously love both series of games.

Cole vs Drake in an epic fight to the death! I know Cole has the advantage of powers but Drake has that ability to never die no matter what is coming his way lol. It'd be good!

ainsz3093d ago

Drake would defeat Cole with his charisma ... And luck XD

Tough question

Bumpmapping3093d ago

Playstation has the best games of every genre.

fucadastates3093d ago

ar tonelico III
atelier series
disgaea series
valkyria chronicles and demons souls
are my fav.

hellerphant3093d ago

lol agree with you all! Article doesn't really attempt to choose a definitive game, just looks at every major exclusive franchise, how it has been expanded on PS3 and then asks the community for their own thoughts.

I think the author chose Uncharted as the best of the PS3 exclusive IPs. I'd probably go with MGS or LBP.

SonyStyled3092d ago

MSG isnt an exclusive IP. theoretically it never was. there was a couple titles on the gamecube. actually i guess it was exclusive up intill the the gamecube but whatever

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The story is too old to be commented.