Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Trophy / Achievement Completion Guide with Video

RipTen: Now if you are looking to Maximize your Human Revolution experience and give a good boost to your gamerscore, we’ve got the guide for you. This guide is divided to help both Xbots/PSfans equally and is useful for steam users as well.

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jaredhart3103d ago

Great Game. Almost have it Platinum.

GigawattConduit3103d ago

great, time to Bookmark it for when I get the game.

xPhearR3dx3103d ago

Same. Need to pick it up soon.

CrzyFooL3103d ago

Stuck on the boss fights. I'm all stealth, wahhhh

zireno3103d ago

I'm also all stealth and playing on hard, the first boss is pretty easy if you only use the gas cylinders and red barrels, but the second was a bitch :@!!! I died easily about 10-15 times, lucky for me, the game glitched and she just stood there taking bullets to the face without moving until she died :D!!! I hope the rest of them are a bit easier u_u!!

HavenDan3103d ago

Looks like there's a lot of incentive to replay. Definitely have to pick this up soon.

Hitman07693103d ago

Pretty cool, looking forward to playing this badly!

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