The Witcher 2 support will be long, mod tools not coming this year, chance of The Witcher 1 Remake

DSOGaming writes: "Michal Kicinski – founder of CD Projekt – and his brother Adam – CDP Red’s CEO, who revealed that there is a chance for a remake of The Witcher 1 on RED Engine, though it won’t happen in the next coming years."

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Voxelman3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Glad to hear it, CDProject are awesome. But to be honest I wish they had started on the witcher 3 instead of porting 2 to 360, the ending is killing me I need to know what happens next!

ATi_Elite3095d ago

i would like some DLC please!

I know they are busy making the 360 version but some DLC would be nice!

Voxelman3095d ago

They already released 2 bonus quests (Troll trouble and A sack full of fluff) as "DLC" they are just rolled in to the patches.

OmegaSlayer3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Complete trilogy on PS3. :)

Skate-AK3095d ago

Yeah that needs to happen!

OmegaSlayer3095d ago

I wish it, but I don't have my hopes so up.
Too many good games this gen to have multiple consoles/PC

peowpeow3095d ago

Tis possible if outsourced. Dev is quite small :)

Voxelman3095d ago

PS4 maybe, at this rate we won't see 3 for another 3 years + and then 6 months to port...

3095d ago
OmegaSlayer3095d ago

Actually I really hope those big trilogies (Mass Effect, Uncharted, Gears Of War, The Witcher eventually) will be reworked for the new gen in a single package, like HD collections this gen.

CBaoth3094d ago

I'm sure corporate greed will ensure that FullHD remakes will be available from the onset of the next gen. Funny too because I just PMed another N4G member my prediction of Activision re-bundling MW1, MW2, and MW3 PC versions for console owners. Probably a COD2,3, and WAW WWII collection as well.

opinska3094d ago

Witcher 1 remake and Witcher 2 as a bundle for 39.99$... I would get it in a heart bit.