Batman: Arkham City challenge: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 - Let's get ready to rumble!

A behind the scenes look at the match up of Batman vs. Catwoman and PS3 vs Xbox 360 for Batman: Arkham City.

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toxic-inferno3092d ago

Shame they didn't explain about Catwoman's abilities while during the final round of the test; not a huge amount has been revealed about Catwoman's free-roaming abilities.

NukaCola3092d ago

"This wasn't about a console war, of course, but about showcasing the unique skills of both characters."

Just so you all know, this has nothing to do with each version or a stupid console war. They were just showcasing the sweet moves of each character. And wait @ TOXIC...There is free roaming Catwomen parts? I featured she was just in linear parts of the game. I didn't realize she wouold have side missions or anything. This game is insane regardless and it's like a 25hour single playthrough. Thats even longer than Castelvania LoS! Crazy excited for this game. It looks unbelievable.

toxic-inferno3092d ago

Apparently so... in Gamespot's hands-on with her a few months back (when it was revealed that she was actually playable), the following was said:

"Ginn noted that while you'll play as Catwoman only for a tiny portion of the main story, she'll have her own mini progression path that will let you upgrade her moves and gadgets using experience earned from taking out enemies. In addition, you will be able to use her to explore the environment and snag unique Riddler trophies only she can reach."

Sounds like she will be available for free-roaming the environments, and not just that, but that there will be areas where only she can get to.

Ocean3092d ago

Fantastic looking game.......Absolutely loved Arkham Asylum, this is going to keep folks busy for quite a while.

tarbis3092d ago

Can't wait for October. This is one of my most anticipated game this year.

AcesHigh2913092d ago

Game can't come fast enough. Like Arkham Asylum, I'll be buying the PS3 version for the exclusive content.