Catherine Poses Questions About Mature Relationships Most Games are Afraid to Ask

Kotaku - You've heard Catherine's premise already: Commitment-phobic, indecisive Vincent must choose between marriage to longtime girlfriend, Katherine, and the allure of a sexy affair with a younger girl, Catherine. You already know is it's bizarre and surreal, and that the narrative's interspersed with tough puzzles. You've heard it's supposed to be an "adult" game, a story about relationships. But what we haven't discussed much of yet is how well that story works – and how well it achieves its promise of a mature narrative.

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newn4gguy3099d ago

Those aren't questions games are afraid to ask. It's just a chunk of the human psyche most games haven't explored yet.

Relationships are not a perfect science. THAT is what makes them so interesting. They can't be solved mathematically.

I love Catherine. :)

BakedGoods3099d ago

Good point. I'd argue games *are* afraid to ask, because the 'mainstream gamer' is not one who's deep enough to enjoy these kind of topics in a game.

That being said, there are a section of mature gamers who like these topics. I personally do, but the anime-style is too jarring for the story to be immersive. Heavy Rain is more my style.

newn4gguy3099d ago

I may have to agree with you on this one. They are afraid to ask for financial reasons. :)

I am actually playing Heavy Rain right now, oddly enough. Haha. Nice one. ;)

Xof3099d ago

Catherine only explores those questions if you haven't played the game, and everything you know about it comes from fans hyping the title up.

It really... doesn't explore much of anything. There's simply not enough character development for that exploration, and the plot itself is pretty... machine-driven.

The most notable thing about Catherine (from this angle) is that it's one of the very, very few games to feature a protagonist who is currently IN a relationship, opposed to the legion of single protagonists, and the smaller portion of protagonists with a dead/missing heterosexual partner.