Diehard GameFAN: 10 Thoughts On…Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection

DHGF: Although I preferred SNK and Capcom fighters as a teen, I’ve grown to really enjoy the Mortal Kombat series. Although the game was light on gore, Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe had a very solid engine and treated both sets of characters with respect. I loved it and it went on to win our 2008 “Fighting Game of the Year” award. So far, Mortal Kombat 9 has captured my heart like no other game this year, and I’m still playing it now while Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is rarely used (although part of that is I have a lot of reviews and the other part is I’m waiting for UMvC3). With all this in mind, I decided to pick up the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. After all, it was only $10. Sure I owned all three games for various other systems and I even have MKII for the PS3 already via Midway, but this was all three games in what was promised to be an “arcade classic” quality collection. Well, the truth is MKAK is FAR from that. After only a few hours with the games, here are ten quick (and pretty grumpy) thoughts on the Kollection

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3101d ago
DlocDaBudSmoka3101d ago

mk1 did have the endurance matches, there where 3 then goro. this "author" doesnt know anything


so the fuck what? have you even downloaded the game? because if you did, you would know that just about every single thing this guy is saying is on point 110%.
the lag issues are in all 3 versions, and it is HORRIFIC. ive been a damn good UMK3 player on xbl for about 3-4 years now and im here to tell you, the arcade kollections version of UMK3 has been awful by comparison. ive played about 9 online matches total and have actually lost the bulk of them due to terrible lagging issues. and not one match that ive had thus far was playable- not even close. i know its a new game, but this amount of lag at the launch is extremely off-putting.
not to mention, they have fucked SO MANY characters up in the porting process. characters hitboxes have had unintentional changes. for example, nightwolfs second tomahawk wont connect on certain characters for absolutely NO REASON- a move that would connect on EVERY character in the XBL version of standalone UMK3. weird blocking glitches that ive never even seen before are popping up all over the place.

whats funny is that they couldnt even address the problems that the games have always had. the hitboxes on all the girl characters are still unfair and dont allow certain combos to connect, just as they were doing 20 fucking years ago.

im afraid that this shit isnt going to be remedied anytime soon because of how small this game really is. it started off as a rumored high production HD REMIX, then it turned into some crappy rom-dumping, and now we find out it has horrid issues that we dont know theyll ever even take the time to update.

DlocDaBudSmoka3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

matter of fct i did DL the game. if you played the shit out of these games 20 yrs ago, why didnt u take all that into consideration in 2011? fact is ppl like to bitch for no good reason. i knew exactly what i was buying. these games play the exact same way i remember them in 92 93 and 95.

just re read the article. it seems the author may have forgotten that friendships/babalitites/animal ities need special conditions to pull off. i havent had any trouble pulling off finishing moves. althought mk2 does seem to be a little fast from the last hit to the finish him screen. ive only gotten reptiles head snack fatality to work. still seems like not enough time. and it was the same way for snes/genesis. i had to use a code to get the onger window to do finishing moves on the snes version.

swishersweets200313101d ago

I didnt buy this not because of this guys report. I didnt purchase because i took a hard look at it and said.. i played this stuff to death 15 years ago. I allready own part 2 from the midway version. I barely touch it now. It be another download game that takes up space. Plus from the preview screens it doesnt even look remastered or in widescreen.

Quagmire3101d ago

Ive never played any Mk, so I wanna start with the first 3. I was so keen on getting this, but now, not so much after the article.

I hope Boon patches this shit up. Is there any other way to play the classics perfectly other than, y'know, buying 3 arcade machines, lol?

swishersweets200313100d ago

i doubt NRS will fix this. I think boons too busy being the glorified yes man that he really is counting all his stacks of money because if they were to give a damn about fixing a broken problem, MK9 online would be fixed by now. Only thing they done with that game is make tweaks for all the tourny players and sell dlc.