IGN - Madden NFL 12 (Wii) Review

IGN - For better or worse, Madden NFL on Wii has made numerous, significant changes to its formula over the last few years. It evolves significantly each year, which is more than the other versions of Madden can say. But for Madden NFL 12, EA Tiburon improved a few of the features, without adding anything new. For the first time, Madden on Wii just feels like a roster update.

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PimpHandHappy3101d ago

and stopped playing Madden about 2 games ago and tell the truth i dont miss it one bit

by "gaming" dollar goes to NHL or FIFA now

I love The Show but baseball is just boring 4me..

Titanz3101d ago

2010-2012 titles aren't for me(Big goofy looking football characters, wtf?).