GameInsider: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Spanning over 15-20 hours of new surprising plot elements and rewarding gunplay, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the epitome of story-telling in a video game. We say bravo to Eidos Montreal, you have developed a masterpiece with a bit of wiggle room for improvement. We can’t wait for the sequel.

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BobbyMcCOOL3093d ago

great review, picking this up today

Omar913093d ago

i saw some gameplay and although it looked pretty good, I didnt like the AI at all. they looked outdated. Thats why i did not purchase this game. but based on some reviews ive seen it doesnt seem to affect the gameplay as much so i might just pick this up.

BakedGoods3093d ago

This is GOTY. Just like the rest of us, you'll enjoy it.

clarkjudo3093d ago

The developers were not looking for a more realistic look. If they did, can you imagine 4 years of development to maybe 5 years (LOL)? Anyway, they took more of an art form approach as the Novel it self is just that. So, you have a combination of realistic and art style choices. :)

VileAndVicious3093d ago

Just beat it last night. The game is awesome but the ai can be a tad.... Wonky

takohma3093d ago

Is this game really that good?!?! I jus might get it. Reason I didn't at first is because I saw no game play.

clarkjudo3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

To answer your question .... YES.
Side Note: The developers took more of art form style, combined with realistic elements. Something to keep in mind when your viewing and playing the game. I have put 35 hours or so in the game already. And I am looking at more hours to claim I am sure.

takohma3090d ago

wow! I guess I'll get it then. I been looking for something different. thnx I'll take your plus a lot of my psn friends have it.

da305kratos3093d ago

so far about 3 hours in...AWESOME!

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