First Persona 4: The Golden scan

Check out the first scan of Persona 4 on Vita.

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Swiggins3098d ago

Can't tell anything from the Scan, but I'm still pumped =D

tiffac0083098d ago

You and me both.

(shakes first from happiness)

CaptainSheep3098d ago

**explodes from happiness**

HelghastKid3098d ago

OMG this just made my day :D day one for Vita now. Send me confirmation of P5 and i will have a heart attack

BldyShdw3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

They have had multiple confirmations of P5, saying they have completed the the character design and music and whatnot. Most of the Persona news stories today have had the quotes I speak of.

HelghastKid3098d ago

Oh that's good, but I mean as in a release date.

BldyShdw3098d ago

Oh, okay misunderstanding. I wish we had a set release date as well. Since Persona 4: Golden is coming in 2012 I would assume late 2012 for P5

Protagonist3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

P4 for Vita and hopefully P5 for PS3... Oh man as if I have not spent time enough on P3P !!! If P5 happens next year too I surely will become an hermit :o)

Xof3098d ago


Here's hoping they add a bunch of extra crap like FES.

Xof3097d ago

And apparently there's one moron here who... what, just wants a straight up port? Hate persona?

Will someone please explain to me again how this whole disagree system isn't just one massive pile of shit designed to let trolls, fanboys and idiots express irrational opinions without needing to articulate (or even rationalize) a reasoning behind it?

CrescentFang3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

If anyone has heard about the fighting game being made, it's being developed by Arc System Works (probably the actual fighting engine and what not) I doubt Atlus would let them handle the story, but with BlazBlue's awesome story I have no doubt they do have the capabilities to do good stories :)
EDIT: It seems to be a joint project! Wonderful
Great news, though I'm torn between the 3DS and Vita. It seems too good to just get one, but I think I may get the Vita first, as it's line up looks to be very awesome. I think Nintendo just released the 3DS too early (I don't care about the 3D gimmick or that it isn't as powerful as the Vita though.)
Well great news :)

UltimateIdiot9113098d ago

Save your money up. Don't get a 3DS now until there are games you have to own, if that comes before the PsVita is out, by all means go for it. If not, continue towards the Vita.

As for me, I haven't heard any good news to sway me towards 3DS unless they have a solid date on Professor Layton X Phoenix Wright. On course for PSVita.

MasterCornholio3098d ago

Its kind of hard to see from the scans. But i think they upgraded the visuals. I just watched a trailer on youtube and the game looks great cant wait for it to come out.