EA wants rival publishers' games on Origin "When it was first announced, Electronic Arts' Origin service looked like it was just an avenue where EA could make monetizing their own games much easier than by going through Valve's Steam digital distribution platform. Now it's starting to seem like Origin really is being built up to be the rival to Steam."

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dangert123099d ago

of course they do I remember hearing square enix was looking to do this on pc aswell don't think its going to work just going to have a bunch of different game provider os type things instead of being able to use one like steam ruining the pc industry

ATi_Elite3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Great point Dangert12...

That's the same point i was trying to make a while ago when i first heard about origin was that every major publisher was gonna have their own client therefore causing gamers to open a new client every dam time they wanna play a game.

STEAM is the best and does everything right so there is no need for me to have....

STEAM, Origin, Activision,, Square Enix, Rockstar, GFWL, Blah blah blah icons all over my pc and have to open up a new client for each game. This is stupid! Sell your games on your own site to make some additional cash but also use Steam and their client but don't make us download ANOTHER client just to play the dam game.

This madness will only effect those people who buy games and make their gaming lives miserable and more complicated. People who pirate games will have all their games under one client and will be able to play online without all this bullshite.

dangert123099d ago

Yep you got it in one thing that gives me the most joke is they disrespect activision and want their stuff they also disrespect vavle but stoping what was in the pipe works and they want their content on origins? LOL funny

evrfighter3098d ago

I ilike how they're trying to ride om the success of the years of work, and dedication valve has given pc gamers. Where was ea when every other journalist and his cat were all gloom and doom

Valve has earned every bit of where they're at. Ea is still just as greedy as activision. I'll never take origin seriously. Though if I have to install it to pay bf3 so be it.

BattleAxe3098d ago

I totally agree with you evrfighter, but I'm afraid I'll have to refrain from pressing the agree button. If you keep making good posts like this, then you will earn my agree vote someday :D

wallis3098d ago

Why? So they can delete other people's games off my hard drive?

Saryk3098d ago

This would be like Darth Vader telling the rebels to come over for coffee and a joint!

FlashXIII3098d ago

Can't Origins just die already? Seriously, STEAM STEAM STEAM STEAM STEAM STEAM STEAM STEAM STEAM... why are EA unable to just comprehend that many of us PC gamers don't want another frigging client like Steam when Steam takes care of all our needs.

helghast1023098d ago

Yeah, could you imagine if Steam was the ONLY DD provider? Holy crap that would be aweso-
No wait, it wouldn't, it would be terrible.

dark-hollow3098d ago

Yeah lets put one of the greediest gaming companies as our main provider for digital downloads!
Regarding the quality of steam vs origin, I trust valve more than EA with my money.

That's why I still can play team fortress 2 after "two" years, and for free too!

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The story is too old to be commented.