Nobody Is Perfect

Chris from Fangwheel writes:

"I’m positive many of Fangwheel’s readers have stepped inside of a GameStop or EB at some point in their lives. I’m also sure that some of you have traded in a game to GameStop or EB to bring down the price of something you were buying or for cash because of the wonderful U.S. economy. I’m sure that same lot of you has even purchased a few used games from time to time. Whatever the case may be, many of you have used GameStop and their services. The industry would rather you only purchased new games and often brand GameStop as both a savior and devil within the same embodiment."

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klecser3097d ago

Business people, correct me if I'm wrong here but doesn't a game company make money the instant a chain of stores buy games directly from them or a distributor? After that transaction, it doesn't really matter to the game company whether the actual physical copy of the game sells at the store. It is now the store's problem. What matters to the gamer is that stores keep purchasing the games from the manufacturers and the store isn't going to do that if they don't sell the stock they purchased. If a gamer buys from Gamestop, the physical copy of the game netted money for the publisher a long time ago (when the store bought the stock). So, the logic of this argument against GameStop is predicated on the assumption that if Gamestop didn't exist, then the gamers would buy the game from the retail store and the retail store would purchase more current stock or future stock from the publisher, right? So my problem with the argument against GameStop is that this argument ASSUMES that the consumer who bought the game used would buy it new if Gamestop didn't exist. If that is the case, its a naive argument. I think that for many gamers, Gamestop may allow them to purchase games at a reduced cost when they wouldn't purchase a game at all. Gamestop going away or not being supported doesn't increase profit for the game companies from these consumers because it isn't an issue of "purchase here vs there", it is an issue of "purchase here or don't purchase at all." So, if the goal is maximum profit margins and consumer base, shutting down Gamestop used sales isn't an answer. The answer has to be a reduction in the price of video games. Can't reduce prices and stay in the black? Then you're spending too much in development and need to be more efficient with your money. Perhaps an MBA or something on here can explain it to me better because I just don't buy the assumption that "if people didn't purchase used, they'd purchase new". I think they wouldn't purchase at all.

mindedone3097d ago

On the surface your argument looks good, but you haven't mentioned the price difference between a used copy v. new copy being sold at Gamestop.

I personally doubt someone would not buy 59.99 game but would buy a 55 game. However, such a study would need to really be done to hold any type of weight. Otherwise, it is speculation.

klecser3097d ago

Oh, and I get that many people don't buy from Gamestop because purchasing a game used results in all profit for Gamestop. I think that is a separate issue from the "Gamestop used kills gaming" argument.

Too_many_games3097d ago

When i buy a NEW game for 60.00$ i expect the case to be unopened and in the exact condition the company shipped it in. or>Gamestop

MasterD9193097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

If this were any other store or product people would be pissed even more. Its quite simple. Don't open things and then label them new after re-sealing them.

mindedone3097d ago

Clearly, it shows the irony in GameStop's slogan, "Power to the Gamers"

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