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XabiDaChosenOne3095d ago

Jeez la wheez son! Thats three games announced for the Vita in one day!

blitz06233095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Now this is the game I would buy a Vita for

NewMonday3095d ago

one of my all-time favorite JRPGs, those of you who missed the original on the PS2 are in for a treat.

NukaCola3095d ago

Has every single Vita game that was anounced been awesome or what? Man the Vita and everything about it flawless. This is truly the best damn system ever made. I am super excited for this system...DAY ONE!!!

Rush3095d ago


Do you have to sound like a total fanboy with every comment you make?

It's great being excited for Vita and all but slow down.

1) System is not even out yet and we don't know all the details how can you label it flawless....

2) How can you call it the "best dam system ever made" we will only know that years after it's been released when it has a robust games library.

3) I get that your super excited but can you chill your beans a bit pally what's with all the Sony man love?

4) Spamming DAY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every other minute doesn't make you awesome.

Lyr1c3095d ago


And criticizing peoples' excitement doesn't make you a loser /sarcasm

fear883095d ago


I have to disagree.

Compared to how previous platforms were and the rate at which games were announced before the initial release there is an big contrast to when the PSP, DS, and 3DS were launched. There are more games being unveiled at an incredible rate (and well known games that are proven to deliver) compared to previous platforms.

I think he has every right to be hyped. I was an original PSP owner and I really got burned on that purchase because there were few games being released that were polished compared to the DS.

Even though the content on the PSP appealed more to me, the lack of polish on big titles disappointed me greatly but since the content on the DS did not appeal to me it really left me with a bad impression from the previous handheld gen.

But this gen does seem to be different.

1) Sony designed the vita much better than the PSP. Everything is well thought out. Its a solid system in terms of both specs and form factor (I should know, I played it at E3).

2) The features allow for a variety of games to be designed.

3) Because of its more unified network and low development costs it will allow smaller devs to produce their own games and sell them.

4) The ease of developing for the platform also allows bigger devs to make their games faster which in turn makes it more cost effective all around and makes it easier to polish in a faster amount of time.

5) The fact that the dev kits are inexpensive allows smaller devs and larger devs to get in on the development. This allows for a much larger developer pool to support the platform.

6) The amount of developers who are announcing their games before the run-up to release is far greater than before.

Its a very solid system even this early. Even though I won't hype it as the best system to ever come out, it really is hard not to get excited because of all the good signs this early in the game.

Most likely I am going to (try) to wait until next holiday season to pick one up (unless my friends pester me to get one for myself sooner)

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ReservoirDog3163095d ago

I was hoping for this to be announced on the vita. Picking up P3 for the PSP soon and I'll probably buy this and the vita on the same day (highly highly highly* doubt I can get the vita at launch).


jdfoster3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

:D Can't wait for this and Vita! ==== "Persona 5 also teased in Famitsu" ==== :Dx200 I hope this is true!!!

Swiggins3095d ago

....well I gotta get a Vita....DAMN YOU CLEVER MARKETING EXECS!!!

Spenok3095d ago

Lol i know what you mean. This system gets more and more atractive by the day (litterally!)

STK0263095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Hopefully, with this being a PS2 game ported to the Vita and not the PSP, it will be the complete version of P4 and some more, as opposed to a trimmed version of P4 with bonus (like P3P for the PSP).

Either way, I'll be buying it, as I love the entire SMT series.

Kamikaze1353095d ago

Me too, but Persona isn't part of the SMT series. It's only labeled as such in the US as advertisement.

NewMonday3095d ago

extra content confirmed in Famitsu:

"Amongst new additions to the game are new characters. One of these is Marie.

Another is the addition of more voiceover work for the Vita version; Persona 4 Golden will contain 1.5 times the voicework of Persona 4, as well as new songs. Also being added is a new opening movie, and new event and anime movies during the course of the game."

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The story is too old to be commented.