Survey Says Mario More Popular than Timberlake and Hilton

In the run-up to the release of Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo is continuing the wide array of promotional techniques by this time announcing how Mario is far more recognisable than many famous stars. Despite being featured in numerous popular magazines and appearing on TV regularly, a survey released today by Nintendo to celebrate the launch of Super Mario Galaxy on Wii has found that Super Mario is more recognisable than Paris Hilton and Justin Timberlake.

The survey was taken by over 1,000 adults, and 69% recognised gaming's most iconic Italian plumber, whilst 53% could put a name to the face of paparazzi favourite Paris Hilton and 51% could identify Justin Timberlake. Other notable stars that failed to be as iconic as Mario (in this rather skewed survey) included Beyoncé Knowles (31%), Sienna Miller (11%), Nicole Ritchie (20%) and Akon (10%).

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kss4928d ago

timberlake is a homo, hilton is a stupid spoiled whore, mario is cool...

solar4928d ago

lol agreed. and who the hell is Akon?

DeckUKold4928d ago

Akon is a rapper/sing who made many hits including locked up feat styles p dont matter smack that and i wanna love you i cannot belive u don't know who akon is

PlayStation3604928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

I thought Akon was an Anime Convention. :/

Naw seriously, I heard of the dude, but I never heard his music.