Activision: BF3 is a Challenger Brand and EA Will Not Steal Our Market Share

There seems no end to this war of words between Activision and EA executives.

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TheBeast3101d ago

What happens if EA does hmm?

Lou-Cipher3101d ago

I want to know when Ea/Activision are going to focus on the quality of their games instead of the sales.

Hey EA/Activision

Winning the war between these two depends on game quality, not sales. I hate suits.

Criminal3101d ago

Or win it in the multiplayer challenge suggested in the article.

deadpoole3101d ago

Lou-Cipher ... they are focusing ... well atleast DICE is ... thats why they are bringing new engine, game modes, and tons of quality content ... whereas Activision ... rehashin the same old engine is gonna nothing but losing more then half of its fanbase.

NatureOfLogic3101d ago

"losing more then half of its fanbase"

LOL, you wish.

I guess a fanboy can dream.

Clarence3100d ago

EA has focused on the quality of their game. They have created a whole new engine for BF3.

Activision is the one not focused. They are using the same old engine. MW3 will look and play just like all the others MW games before it. The object of a new game is to bring something new to the table. Activision is rehashing the same old game over and over again. The only difference in the game will be levels.

newhumanbreed3100d ago


As an avid COD player since the first and having bought every COD up until Black Ops, I can say I'am no longer a fan. Just putting it out there that there are people who are no longer buying into COD's same staled gameplay. I can also vouch that I'm not picking up BF3 either, so no, I'm not a fanboy before you decide to call me that.

Lou-Cipher3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

When your advertising budget is 10 times larger than your entire games budget. I think it is safe to say that neither developer cares that much about quality.

I do agree that EA definetly cares more about the quality of Battlefield 3 alot more than Activision cares for the quality of COD.

It's just shocking that a company can spend over 100 Million dollars adverising a game, but cant afford to pay a dozen testers to find bugs and fix them before the game ships.

They charge $60 for a buggy broken mess, then have the balls to charge an extra $15 for crappy maps that were already built before the game shipped.

evrfighter3100d ago

Dice is hungry they are out to reclaim their crown. They smell koticks fear

You all saw what the mavs accomplished last season. A team full of old veterans in their last years hungry for that ring. swept the 2 time champs and made a mockery of lebron and his superteam.

As someone thats seen dice evolve over the years since 1942. You'd be a fool to sell these guys short. All it took was one game that started the cod empire. infinity ward back then was hungry and they were on a mission. Everything going on this year for dice is deja vu. The e3 awards the excitement the previews. It's scary how similar it is

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gamingdroid3101d ago

I hope not, because EA has been nothing but ugly:

Activision at least hasn't tried any dirty tactics like EA. They are pretty simple, they just want more money which arguably is how companies are, unlike EA whom want to screw their customer over.

bozebo3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

EA are just rubbing it in because BF genuinely is better and they know it.

I do prefer the gunplay in CoD but theres a lot more to it than that.

theonlylolking3101d ago

I like activision more than EA but I still dont like activision.

Brosy3100d ago

Activision has been running the same engine since 2005, they need to stfu. Until they have human controlled vehicles, instead of a kill button, they need to stfu. Also where are the destructable enviroments Activision. You guys been layin on your ass for 6 years. Gettin fat and lazy.

xtremexx3101d ago

Hmm, Thats Fighting Talk :D

Hitman07693101d ago

They are just talking tough while they can. They are comfortable right now still. When BF Bad Company 3 comes out head to head against Black Ops 2 it might be a different story!!

ECM0NEY3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

thats some herpa derp right there.

Bad Company? really?

Black Ops 2 will still be using the same engine from 2005

NYC_Gamer3101d ago

Many people on this site dislike call of duty but we can't deny how popular the franchise is

Criminal3101d ago

Exactly what I had in mind. It is popular, and I hope Battlefield 3 gets there so that everyone can be happy and we can put this whole CoD vs BF behind us. Just optimistic thinking, fanboys will always exist.

PCE3101d ago

Agreed. I dislike CoD too but I think wasting time vigorously bashing the series is laughably childish and stupid. The series is popular and there is something a large percentage of gamers really find appealing in the game. Maybe it's the arcade style multiplayer or it is simply a game you can jump in, spend a few minutes kicking ass, and jump out as you please.

Moragami3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I couldn't deny the popularity of the popular kids at school either. However, as it turns out the vast majority of them were shallow D-bags with no depth or intelligence.

Popularity does not equal quality.

JeffGUNZ3100d ago

That's not a strong comparison. The "cool kids" were only "cool" within their select number of other "cool kids". If you look at it, the average kids highly outnumber the popular kids. When I went to high school, the "popular" kids were about 30-40, while the average students of 1,000-1,200 were classified as "average".

COD is popular by the MASSES, not by some labeling minority within that group. It's popular because almost everyone buys it and they enjoy it.

I do agree that popular does not equal quality though. I do prefer COD of BF, always have. I'll still try both of them out and see how their new installments are.

lMHl3101d ago

Halo 4 will be better then both

Godchild10203100d ago

I'm not buying Halo 4, because Bungie is not making it it.

awi59513100d ago

Im buying halo 4 because bungie has been bitches and wouldnt turn the damage back up to Halo CE lvls. Maybe microsoft will listen to what the fans want maybe not from what i see from the CE remake. If i cant play CE the way it was when it came out ill pass.

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iXenon3101d ago

I'm a Battlefield fan and will get that over MW3 this fall. But I'm gonna be real and say that it won't affect MW3's sales dramatically because you still have those "gamers" who don't research games like the rest of us and will still buy this product annually.

Nitrowolf23101d ago

I don't see it affecting the sales that much at all. Certainly both will do great and I can see BF3 doing extremely well to worry activision in the future.

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