4Player: Vessel interview with Martin Farren

4Player - "One of the best places to go during PAX is the Indie area. Away from the larger throngs of PAX attendees, the loud music of Dance Central, and the 5hr line for Mass Effect 3, are the games who’s budgets are far, far away from six figures but, sometimes, just as amazing.

One of those games is Vessel, a 2-d platformer with a striking art style that has the player using a combination of liquid physics and sentient creatures called Fluro’s to solve the games many puzzles. You play as the inventor of the Fluro’s, sentient beings made of liquid that the world has utilized for cheap labor leading to new industrial revolution. That is, until things start to go wrong, and you are tasked with exploring the shut-down factories in search of the problem.

We had the chance to play Vessel and to sit down with Martin Farren, Technical Director and co-founder of Strange Loop Games, for a nice talk about all things liquid."

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