Call of Duty XP 2011 Recap Video Day 1 (HD 720p)

@Ve3tro: "Have a sneak peak at the Call of Duty XP event for 2011 in this first of many recap videos."

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SpinalRemains1383101d ago

Watching non union guys running around and rigging stuff must be newsworthy now.

Swiggins3101d ago

How do you know they're non-union?

Cpt_kitten3101d ago

call of duty day one recap.....derp derp deprity derp

PshycoNinja3101d ago

Funny, I didn't know day one already started..... oh wait it didn't. This title is false and misleading. Trying that hard to get hits? Is it a slow day?

CarlosX3603101d ago

Geez. What a way to treat people. This is day one of behind the scenes of CREATING CODXP.

Ve3tro3101d ago

No not really, I wouldn't say 200,000 viewers a day on our YouTube channel is a slow day.

BX813101d ago

Did anyone else notice the monster head at the 23second mark. Is that from black ops? Or am I missing something here?