Gamepro - Bodycount Review

Patrick Shaw writes: I honestly tried to find something positive to say about Bodycount in this review. But after playing the game for a week, the reality is that Bodycount botches just about everything you could imagine, from its shamefully repetitive level design -- which literally recycles several maps and passes them off as "new missions" by placing you in a different spot on the map -- to its utter lack of identity, and slew of severely underwhelming features.

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ZILLA3097d ago

and thats what i was hoping for,but after the demo its a flop.

marioPSUC3097d ago

Yeah they really should have just made a black 2. This game looked good, but once you play it you find out that its just one of those games that looks cool but really isnt fun. Even with the somewhat short demo, I wasn't really having fun just kinda trying to play it and hoped it got better, but it never did.

This is gonna hurt this company, the demo and these reviews are gonna kill this game

Huffman3097d ago

That demo is going to cost them some sales.