Dogfighting phone app called 'cruel,' 'sickening' by LAPD union chief [Updated]

Los Angeles Times: The head of the Los Angeles police union said Monday that a dogfighting game application for cellphones should be yanked from the market because it glorifies illegal activity and promotes "cruel and immoral" behavior.

Paul M. Weber, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, said he was particularly concerned that the Dog Wars game created by Kage Games would be embraced by local gang members and encourage them to engage in dogfighting.

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Garethvk3092d ago

I bet Michael Vick has used all those millions he just got to buy all his freinds this. It is a sick joke aimed at sick people who think this stuff is ok.

Tuxedo_Mask3090d ago

Yeah, but GTA is perfectly okay, right? Not to mention the drug dealer games that are played by high school kids on their TI-83s. It's a game, and if you agree that it will instigate actual dog fighting in real life than what's the difference between other games that are based on illegal activity?

Garethvk3090d ago

GTA is just fine, I would rather a game show violence and sex than cruelty to animals. Any psychologist will tell you that mass killers often start out hurting small animals. I agree that violence is violence, but I make a big difference between over the top shootings and violence and dog fighting games. Where do we go next, molester games, rape games?