Bodycount - Review [OXM]

OXM: "Like Bulletstorm before it, Bodycount revels in the over-the-top sensation of shredding scads of enemies in violently creative ways. As a well-armed operative for a mysterious military corporation, you'll pop into Africa, Asia, and a handful of sleek, futuristic bases to extinguish civil wars and eliminate armored foes from a rival organization."

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SilentNegotiator3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

"Bu bu but you're 'not supposed to take it seriously'! Therefore it must be at least a 9!!"

The demo sucked. All of these low scores for Bodycount do not surprise me.

finbars753096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

I picked the game up and played about 1 hour of it.I played the coop what a joke that was,then the MP well there was just me and one other so that sucked but it was still shitty and then the SP which completely blew ostrich balls.This game has so much potential but it felt like they where going in different directions with everything.It's like they couldn't figure what they wanted to do with this game so just threw it together in one big mess.The good news for was I got to return the game and get a full refund which was a bonus so I picked up the Resistance1,2 bundle which you an go wrong and it paid off most of Resistance3.So and all dont pick this game up if your life depended on it.Just remember bad controllers, bad graphics ,bad AI and no clue of where this game was going by the developers.The only good thing about this game was the shredding technology which was absolutely sick and I wish more games had this technology in it. it's a must have for many upcoming games.

BakedGoods3096d ago

How were you able to return the game even after playing?

finbars753096d ago

I know all the managers of all the gamestops in my area that's how.Thank god this is the second time ever that I have returned a game on release date.The other one was Rogue Warrior and I don't really need to explain tha one's good to have friends in High

dkgshiz3096d ago

Rented it today just for shits and giggles. Just a generic stock shooter that adds nothing to the table. Codemasters really needs to get some different material to start publishing. Well R3 and Dead Island this upcoming Tuesday.

MidnytRain3096d ago

This review is laughably lightweight and feels tacked-on.