4Player PAX 2011: WARP is like a cute Metal Gear Solid…with an alien.

In WARPED you play the part of an alien who was kidnapped by scientists and forced into a life of labortory experimentation solitude. That is until you break out and, for some unknown reason, your human captors never actually realized what your real power was…the power to warp into various objects and people. It is here where the fundamental gameplay mechanics of the game come to light. As an alien traped in a human laboratory, you find yourself able to jump into various objects like barrels and humans to ‘warp’ yourself through the various rooms. You have no guns or weapons so, for the most part, your main goal to is simply warp through objects and move from room to room. Each room, however, acts like its own puzzle that you must work through, and sometimes there is no other option than killing those inside.

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