4Player PAX 2011: Aliens: Infestation Preview

“He wants to see Aliens: Infestation!” she shouted over her shoulder, prompting a tall man to appear from behind the booth adjacent to us. He was reaching hurriedly into his pocket, he was smiling, his eyes alight with excitement. For a split second I had that feeling in my stomach you experienced when you were a teenager, and you realized that something illegal was about to happen in your presence. That sudden awareness that within the whirlwind of normalcy going on around you, you were about to do something completely against the grain.

“I have it right here!” he said as he pulled me to the side of the booth and revealed a large gray card from his pocket. Looking more like a small gun magazine than a game -probably a prototype developer copy- he put it into the DS and switched the handheld on. Suddenly, there I was standing behind a booth, the buzzes and cheers of PAX slightly dulled, a much taller man standing over me, and I was playing Aliens: Infestation.

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