Halo 4 Ushers in the Reclaimer Trilogy

Pixels or Death's Mike Potts writes:

"The close of the Penny Arcade Expo brought about new information on Halo 4, the game that will either solidify 343 as quality game makers or earn them the title “Halo-Killer” in a whole new meaning. We don’t know much, but they have revealed what many of us already knew: Halo 4 will be the start of a new trilogy of Halo titles now called The Reclaimer Trilogy. Frank O’Connor or 343 explained, “This trilogy is a direct continuation to the events in Halo 3.”It will deal with the fate of John and the fate of Cortana.”"

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blumatt3094d ago

I still think they would've been smarter to make Halo 4 an Xbox 720 launch title. Launch the new Xbox with a heavy hitter and it will give people a reason to upgrade. After all, quality exclusives are what sell consoles.

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