GameSpy reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Ultimately, there's little to dislike about Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Even if you're not a platforming fan, there's plenty of action here to balance out the near-death leaps of faith. It might not have the running time of other titles on the market, but the leanness of the experience and time invested are fulfilling, plus the replay value is strong.

It's also worth noting that you might also be surprised by how much it pushes the envelope on its T rating. The violence isn't graphic, but a bloody headshot is a bloody headshot, and the amount of blue language is surprising.

It's also a gorgeous game that you'll hear taxing your PlayStation 3; it utilizes the system's technology wonderfully for both visuals and loading screen-free gaming. The PS3 has received a good share of some solid games this year, but any gamers who own the console truly owe it to themselves to make Uncharted part of their library. In a sea of great first person shooters, you won't get a better action game this year.

Score: 4.5/5

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predator4933d ago

its getting some good reviews, looks great, can someone tell me how long is this game, i would like it to be quite long, when i get my ps3 i shall pick this up,

pred out

dhammalama4933d ago

But he stressed that was the perfect amount of time for the pacing. He said that the game manages to always help you move forward and it works well.

resistance1004933d ago

Another 9/10 Review.

Looks like the full game is as good as the demo then :D

ruibing4933d ago

I really think they should review games out of 100 from now on. Since they can only give 80, 90, and 100 with a 5.0 scale and a stepsize of 0.5 (we never hear of 4.75).

But anyways, it should be a must have for a PS3 owners.

Real gamer 4 life4933d ago

So now the playstation 3 has two AAA titles rachet and clank and uncharted. two AAA titles @ the one year anniversary for the ps3 is good. hopefully if haze delivers aswell that should be three, because we all know that UT3 is a AAA title aswell.

Kleptic4933d ago

two exlusives mind you...CoD 4 fits the requirement, and imo should end up with probably won't, but if CoD 4 loses to Bioshock or especially Halo 3...I have lost touch with other gamers it would seem...

rowdy 14933d ago

it was 10 hours. I could be wrong

Danja4933d ago

im guesing most of these reviewers played the game on easy..Naughy Dog stated the game is 10-12hrs..on normal..and more on this game has tons of replay value so..

Great score...keep the 9+ coming..!

skinzfan4933d ago

When is it coming out. I picked up Ratchet yesterday instead of AC. I am very happy with my selection. I didnt realize that I was going to have to buy another game so soon. Fudge!!!!

blusoops4933d ago

It comes out on the 19th of this month in NA...not sure about other territories. Mine's already paid for...just waiting for the 19th to pick this up!

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