GameZone - PAX Prime 2011: Firefall Hands-On Demo Playthrough

GameZone's Matt rips his way through the upcoming MMO shooter Firefall, guided by the loving smile of Red 5 CEO Mark Kern. Check out the exclusive PAX 2011 playthrough.

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SoulOfOrigin3100d ago

Firefall looks really fun, you guys did a good interview there. I can't wait to play this game, I've heard from several people who played it at PAX that it's really fun, so I'll definately play it myself. The closed beta starts at the end of the week by the way ;) This video got me even more excited for Firefall, thanks for that :)

ImOnTheRadio3100d ago

"And I got sick of World of Warcraft and so, I created Firefall!" haha :D Nice interview and I was hoping to see the (quite barebones) PAX build character customization and the beginning of the game, not sure if that is the beginning of the actual game though. I've been waiting for this title since january this year, cant wait to get my hands on this game.

Alx2233100d ago

That is a huge budget for a first game for a new company especially since its f2p. The developers seem really talented and the game seems really fun so I hope this game succeeds. I wonder how vast the customization will be in the full game and how much will be through the cash shop.

hoder3100d ago

Easily the best interview out there with the main man from firefall. Love his enthusiasm for this game, he really shows it! Some pretty neat information in this trailer as well. Hope you guys keep checking out the game, should be entering beta phase pretty soon now (end of the week is rumored).

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