PlayStation Store Update - 08/30/11


"The second week of PlayStation Network PLAY is upon us with the release of The Baconing! This comical action RPG continues the story of Deathspank, this time with a sci-fi twist. As part of PSN PLAY, if you purchase The Baconing before 9/19/2011, you’ll receive a free DLC co-op character in the form of Roesha – One Bad Mutha. If you’re on the fence, download The Baconing demo which is also in today’s Store update. The following week’s PSN PLAY titles are still available for pre-ordering on the Store including BloodRayne: Betrayal and Renegade Ops."

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Too_many_games3095d ago

Stay far far away from MK arcade Kollection, the online play is horrible and usual....10 bucks down the drain <,<

kza3095d ago

suprise,suprise just like MK9. Thanks good to know.

Too_many_games3095d ago

Granted i only played 2 rounds of Ultimate MK3 but both times were so laggy i got angry and just shut it off. lol...hence why i sold MK9 a while back...every fighting game i buy has laggy online, tis sad..

Rhezin3095d ago

Damn that's too bad. I had high hopes for some good ole MK. Always helps to look at peoples comments on this site.

thorstein3095d ago

You forgot your sarcasm tags. Lulz.