Vintage game downloads will only work for Nintendo, not Microsoft

"Video game downloads rely on time. Nintendo is successful because its offerings are old -- Microsoft's are not."

CNET's Don Reisinger explains why Microsoft may be showing its hand too early by offering original Xbox games like Halo and Fable for download via Live Arcade.

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Zhuk4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

I disagree, done right this will be a very successful service.
If you offer the best Xbox titles and some of the rarer ones (otogi, panzer dragoon orta, MvsC2 for example) people will buy them in droves.

I know I will be downloading Psychonauts, Fable and Crimson Skies day 1

PS360WII4930d ago

otogi ^^ heck yea man. Still have my copies. Awesome game for sure. Second one was okay but the first was superb.

Feihc Retsam4930d ago

It could be a sweet feature...

The original Halo had LAN (system link) multiplayer...
If they could use that functionality and expand it to Xbox Live multiplayer, this could be an awesome service.

The Xbox Live Arcade has already released some classics and enabled online play. Imagine if they could do the same with some original XBOX games that didn't have online play when they were first released/

ArduousAndy4930d ago

why would i need to pay 15 bucks to download an xbox game when i can get it the actual disc version cheaper at gamestop?

Azures4930d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Of course you'd say that don't work for them or anything like that lol.

edit: he does work for them! i shop at his store!

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Silver Bull3t4930d ago

if they don't lock you out of your dloaded games and content should you lose your high-speed connection, like they do now.

tatical4930d ago

Oh, I hate that policy sooooo much.

fjtorres4930d ago

Is that a lot of current 360 owners never had the original XBOX so the best XBOX games and franchises are new to them. This is a way to bring those games to their attention and they are as a rule *very* good games. The cost of doing this is very low so if they sell even a few thousand copies its worth it; it found money for MS.
And anything that generates extra 360 reveue means quicker hardware price cuts, even for those that choose not to buy the originals...
Everybody wins.

goodganja4930d ago

Yeah. It could work if you wanted to download the prequels to every shooter on XBOX. Cause that's all the original has and that's all 360 has, shooters. No variety. It's sad you have to go to original xbox to find ONE platformer.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

TheMART4930d ago

Exacty. That's why Fable is such a great shooter. Or Psychonauts also a contender there competing with Halo.

You tard, did your parents ever think about a brain transplant?

The Chief of Mjolnir4930d ago

Agree with the Mart.
Do you actually have a life when you are not on this site?
Because all you do, is keep b!tching how much you hate MS and Xbox.
Guess what? Get over it.

And the "Graphically, Halo 1 looks exactly like Halo 3. Nothing different." part just proves that you have played none of the Halo games. F*cking loser...

Anyways. I´m going to download KOTOR if I can, because I missed that game on the Xbox. And I regret it every day. Same thing about Fable.

Xi4930d ago

panzer Dragoon Orta
Crimson Skies
Mech Warrior
some great xbox games that many did not get to experience.

Syko4930d ago

It will work because a lot of people with a 360 never owned a Xbox. So with easy access to classic Xbox games I am sure people will give them a run...Of course without proper compression these games will be of limited use to the majority of 360 users with the Pro 20gig HDD.

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