PS3 Third Parties 'Pretty Pumped Up' About Price Cut

PS3 should be up in August, thanks to the price cut to $249 in the middle of the month. Retailers such as GameStop and Target both talked about the "immediate lift" in sales following the price drop, but what hasn't been talked about much is the impact the reduction will have on software. According to SCEA Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations Rob Dyer, re-orders on software are already up, and publishers are "pumped."

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donniebaseball3101d ago

I think the real question is to see how long the affect of the price cut lasts for both hardware and software. Can PS3 gain new momentum against the 360 in North America this holiday?

LOGICWINS3101d ago

The thing is, every time the PS3 makes a price cut move, Microsoft does something to counter it. It's like taking one step forward and two steps back.

donniebaseball3101d ago

Well MS hasn't done anything yet, but yeah, odds are we'll see some price cuts and bundles for 360 this fall/holiday.

KonaBro3101d ago

You realize that Microsoft has to see what the cost of doing a price drop will take away from their overall projected profit for the quarter. Microsoft isn't made of money where they can just sit there and have knee-jerk reactions to whatever Sony is doing. If that were the case, MS would have had a price cut the very next week. MS isn't going to do anything at all until at least October just to see what the PS3 price cut does and then go from there. Common sense man.

MintBerryCrunch3101d ago

how do you take a step back when you make a price cut?

nobody goes backwards, everyone hopes to see increased sales and so far its been working for the 3DS and the PS3

gamingdroid3101d ago

***how do you take a step back when you make a price cut?***

Well in this case, MS obviously has the profit margin lead so they can respond any time. In fact, they have been in this lead for the past 2-years.

If MS reduces the price, the scenario is the same as before, the gap in price would still be the same.

Price cuts tends to be the last thing a manufacturer does to increase sales.

***nobody goes backwards, everyone hopes to see increased sales and so far its been working for the 3DS and the PS3***

Well, we don't know if the current price drop for 3DS actually benefited it long term. Short term is of almost zero value to a company.

PS3 had a good run when they dropped the price almost 2-years ago, but they needed to do that to get the momentum going. They no longer need that, so I question their price drop?

Obviously they know something I don't....

P_Bomb3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

They already did with a new MS bundle less than a week old in Canada . 250GB Slim for $299 with a whopping FIVE free games from XBox Marketplace (Gears2, Halo3, Halo Wars, Fable3, Alan Wake) plus an extra in-store bonus ($30 gift card in the case of Best Buy). Bought it day one.

I don't see the ying and yang as a 2 steps forward 1 step back thing like you said though. Someone who already owns a 360 has no reason to buy another one every price cut or new bundle thereafter, but suddenly for $249 that PS3 might look good too.

This is nothing like the 3DS bailout. Every console comes down in price every couple years and it's been 2 years. The PS2 used to be $500 and is now $99. What's to question?

Jsynn73101d ago

Once again, LOGIC's failed "logc"strikes again! You make sound like the price drop is a BAD THING for them. By your "logic", MS should be praying for Sony to drop the price every year. Please provide proof that the last couple of times Sony did this it hurt them and helped MS , otherwise stop with th mindless, ILLOGICAL comments. Oh right, like you say often, this is N4G, it never fails....

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Silly gameAr3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )


I've noticed you like to pit PS3 and 360 against each other in almost all of your comments. Maybe Sony is interested in making a profit then beating the 360 in NA?

If all they wanted to do was beat the 360, they would have dropped the price to $199 instead of $249.

lelo2play3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Screw the price cut, I already have a PS3. I want cheaper games. If they started releasing games at $30 (or 30€) instead of $60-70 (or 60-70€), then that would be interesting.

badboy74283101d ago

Where are the advertisements?

donniebaseball3101d ago

Good point. I haven't seen the commercials "PS3 now 249" or whatever.

LOGICWINS3101d ago

Sony generally leaves PS3 adverts for the Fall.

josephps33101d ago

I can see $199 this Christmas or Boxing Day for PS3.

KING_KAI3101d ago

Anything you can do we can do better- the mind of sony

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3101d ago

When it reaches $199.99, all hell's gonna break loose. :D

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