Identity Parade - Feminism in Gaming

Welcome, one and all, to Identity Parade – a column which will look at how video games toy with the notion of identity. From what Lara Croft tells us about feminism, to how Mario’s quest to save the Princess is a tale older than time – this weekly feature will look at a variety of aspects of identity and behavior, and will explore what the iconic characters teach us about ourselves.

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ATi_Elite4295d ago

unfortunately i know some grown women who need to play cooking mama 1 and 2!

I don't care how pretty, athletic, smart, business savvy, blah blah blah....if a woman can't cook it's such a waste!!

unless she's all those things can't cook but likes to cut the grass and change car oil then she's a keeper!!

Pro_TactX4295d ago

There is nothing stopping you from learning how to cook.

ATi_Elite4295d ago

I already know how to cook and I'm a grill master! I cook all the time.

I'm just saying that i know some very nice women who DO NOT know how to cook and it's kinda a let down IMO.

Maybe i'm just old fashion

StephenMTP4294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

Being old fashioned is no real excuse. I'm a better chef than my partner but then I can't do laundry to save my life. If we expect our girlfriends/wives to contribute financially then we need to be prepared to help domestically.

But that's really beside the point. What Cat is questioning is the fact that just because she is a woman, why can't she enjoy blowing crap up like the male gamers? Why should gaming companies assume that all women are interested in is cooking and being an object of desire like Lara?