Bioware on Dragon Age 3: Bigger, bolder, better… still not officially announced

PC Gamer: Sometimes an actual announcement is just a formality. Everyone knows there’s a Dragon Age 3 coming, and while Bioware is still largely speaking in hypotheticals and suggestions of what we might see in a sequel, should it emerge, at the very least we can see where its attention is being pointed.

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Kamikaze1353102d ago

It's like they realize how much Dragon Age 2 sucked. It had a lot of potential and it offered a lot of great things, but the cons far outweighed the pros.

ATi_Elite3102d ago

They need to take their sweet time with Dragon Age 3!! The Witcher 2 totally kicked DA2 butt in all categories!

but yeh DA2 had a lot of potential but lived up to none of it.

Simon_Brezhnev3102d ago

The Witcher 2 kicked all bioware games this generation in all categories.

Lucreto3102d ago

I say it will be announced at the VGA's this year for a November release in 2012.

NYC_Gamer3101d ago

How will they ruin part 3

gcolley3101d ago

i won't be finding out that's for sure. loved number 1, hated number 2 and so now the series for me ended at 1. i will not buy another no matter how good it is, plenty of other games to play

Skate-AK3101d ago

I see a lot of people dont like #2 but I just bought it a couple weeks ago and I dont think its that bad, but I can see why some people complain.