Razor Releases BlackWidow Stealth Edition

Have you ever been in the heat of a good match, and right as you see an enemy sniper with his back exposed you race towards it but aren’t fast enough before he turns around? Razor has released a keyboard to solve your dilemma of having ninja like speed and reflexes with the BlackWidow Stealth Edition. The keyboard comes in both Standard and Ultimate versions and are refitted with a keyset that offers tactility but with quieter feedback for the new ninja’s on the battlefield.

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Kanji083093d ago

Quieter keys AND a matte finish? Sold! The best gaming keyboard just got even better. Wish they'd make make a non-limited edition Death Adder with a matte finish on the sides too. High gloss black is only nice for something you never touch. Not so great for keyboards, mice, and cell phones.

Letros3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Lol I love my BWU because it IS so loud, the matte is a plus, but quiet 4TL.