SingStore PS3 pricing unveiled

Sony says that songs bought through SingStar PS3's online "SingStore" will cost GBP 0.99 / EUR 1.49 each when the service launches alongside the game on 7th December.

The game itself features 30 new songs, but the SingStore will offer 44 additional downloadable tracks, including some from existing PS2 SingStar titles and some new ones (Manic Street Preachers, Zutons and Depeche Mode are mentioned).

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Greysturm4933d ago

If this game stills carry the power it did in previous iterations, but seeing guitar hero sell so well i doubt that it will be affected by Rock band.

PirateThom4933d ago

I have to admit, I prefer Singstar to Guitar Hero. Singing leads to more comedy that being deadly serious with a guitar.

I once had a free PC clone of Singstar and singing Never Gonna Give You Up rules because you Rick Roll everyone in the the room.

ruibing4933d ago

I think Singstar, GH, and Rock Band all go together really well. I'm definitely getting all three.

whoelse4933d ago

Probably $1.49 seeing as the pound is around $2.06 and americans always pay less that us europeans :(

Darkiewonder4933d ago

$1.50 each for an HD Music Video [God I hope it is and not SD quality]

Darkiewonder4933d ago

They said yes. You can record yourself using the Eye and mic. then it will be uploaded to your My SingStar Page and people can rate the video [youtube/myspace]. But they may have changed that. seeing as they changed the song amount for release o.O

But it'll most likely be there, they touted this game as to being a communicative tool and such [for the community]

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The story is too old to be commented.