Insomniac Gives Middle Finger to Resistance 3 Beta Players... In a Nice Way

If you've put hours into the Resistance 3 beta, you might feel like you should get something in return - other than the satisfaction of knowing that you've helped make a game bug free. Luckily, Insomniac Games concurs, and will be giving beta players something special as a thank you.

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alexcosborn3094d ago

Kudos to Insomniac for supporting its fans.

malol3094d ago

i was in the beta but i got nothing yet
the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*K ?? :\

SilentNegotiator3093d ago

Yo dawg, I herd u leik freebies. So we put a freebie in yo freebie so you can get a freebie in a freebie.

A present for playing the beta? You shouldn't have!

"We are announcing a new playlist called *Classic Hardcore*. It’s got all the exciting R3 action minus Berserks and abilities. This is for those players who want to go toe-to-toe without the extras. Classic Hardcore will be available Day 1!"
SWeeeeeeeeeT! I freaking hate the COD-ized MP in the beta, so this will be great.

stormeagle63093d ago

People are still doing the Xzibit thing?

plumber153093d ago

To SilentNegotiator COD-ized is exactly what killed socom 4 I hate how every developer is following each other .

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3093d ago

Seth Luisi is responsible for the slaughter of Socom.

I cant wait to get the EMP grenades, the damn turrets/health pods are a pain in the neck. Hopefully they will let us use filters to make rooms and get rid of some of the cheap ass weapons too. 9/6/2011 :)

SilentNegotiator3093d ago

"People are still doing the Xzibit thing?"
Only the coooool people.

It warranted it. They gave us a freebie, the skin/taunt, for use in the beta - which is essentially a freebie in itself. Freebie within a freebie.

Should I have modernized it and done an inception joke?

Xalaris3093d ago

Wait... was I seriously the only one who first thought that this was a pathetic author bashing IG for hits?


@Silent - Nice Hiphopgamer impersination : )

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-Mezzo-3094d ago

Got the Email today. =]

Blaine3094d ago

I got the email but I wasn't in the beta. :(

I was out of the country during the download window for Sony's welcome back freebies, so I didn't get my free month of PS Plus. :,(

Oh well, guess I'll just look like any other non-beta player!

Dart893094d ago

Everyone can get on it today. It says on their twitter.

ATLRoAcH3094d ago

The beta will be available to everyone on the store later today. Just download and play and you'll get the freebies.

Blaine3093d ago

I just noticed--downloading now!

tiffac0083094d ago

LOL! Insomniac, now I feel bad I wasn't a beta tester. XD

pixelsword3094d ago

Trust me; it wasn't all candy canes and lollypops; there were some raging debates in the beta forums about how the weapons should be balanced, what should they add, people constantly not reading the FAQ before posting a page and a half or irrelevancy...

You're coming in on the best part.

HOSe3094d ago

updated it to 2.04, could never get into a game, hard freeze everytime....

Silly gameAr3094d ago

It's been pretty smooth for me after 2.04. Had a few freezes, but nothing like before the patch. I just hated that they had reset our stats. Lost my level 20 and all of my unlocks along with it. It's cool though, because now I'm up to 23 and going for the atomizer.

ftwrthtx3094d ago

I've been playing for a couple hours today without any issues. Connecting was quick and painless.

xtremegamerage3094d ago

Thanks Insomniac, got the e-mail today as well/

Looking forward to playing the full game:)

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The story is too old to be commented.