WiredController - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition Review

"Street Fighter 3 is without a doubt a good game, but the online edition is not something I can recommend in its current state. If I could get a refund for my $15.00 I’d do it in a heartbeat. For anyone on the fence save your money until a patch comes to fix the online, and then hop in. As is, it’s, “Gutter Trash.”

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Robotronfiend3099d ago

The ranked matches do take longer to search and find than they should, but I haven't experienced any of the bugs mentioned in the article. I picked it up because SF3 was the only one in the series I never played. I enjoy the game more than I thought I would. I've played a number of matches with various friends and I didn't find the game to be any laggier than matches vs the same people in SF4.

I believe the patch either just went live, or will within the next week to address the issues with ranked mode and such.

GameGambits3098d ago

Derek Neal the lead on the game will probably get this all ironed out soon. He's asking the community what they wanted to see fixed. It's a shame they launched the game as is, because if you read most reviews for this game they will tell you the same things I did. Giantbomb's Jeff G. said a lot of similar things, but he graded more kindly.

I'm someone who wants to spend hundreds of hours with this game, and so for it to launch busted is a pain, because I don't have a lot of local people to play with. Online is all I have to look forward to.

Skateboard3099d ago

6/10 O O. ok, i hate this reviewer.

GameGambits3098d ago

Hate me why? My opinion doesn't match up with yours, and I didn't give this game a 9/10 or 10/10 like every other blind drooling oaf on the net these days. Go read the whole thing before you come to a conclusion about me and my review. You see a 6 and you assume the worst.

Skateboard3098d ago

I'm not giving you a hit. I read that small paragraph and that was enough, "Gutter Trash".

Tito083098d ago

Doesn't sound like a guy who knows anything about fighting games as I'm having a great time with the game!!!!!

GameGambits3098d ago

Yeah I don't know a thing about fighting games. *rolls eyes* I'll body you free.

Games I play on a damn near daily basis:
KoF13 Arcade
Garou Mark of the Wolves on GGPO

Games I can't wait to buy:
KoF 13 console
Tekken Tag 2

Games I didn't like this gen fighter wise:
KoF 12
SF3 Online Edition (as is)

So I'm glad you think I don't know anything about fighters, but I could probably destroy you in AE or KoF13 no problem. SF3 at its core, like the review says if you read it, is a great game, but what you are getting for $15.00 at launch is not. Hell, the review even has subtle things only people from the fighting game community would pick up on. (Play third strike, it's a good game)

Tito083098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Well, still sounds like someone who doesn't know anything about fighters, and it's a good value for $15 for a game that along with Alpha 3 both are better than SSF4 AE, whether you like it or not!!!!! That you destroy me in AE, I don't give a fuck about SSF4 AE anymore, King of Fighters 13 I haven't played it yet and you coming with dumb conclusions, but you didn't say you could destroy me at 3rd Strike, you either don't like it or suck at it, go back play your SSF4 for all I care!!!!

Robotronfiend3098d ago

I don't mind the ranked issues right now mainly because I'm still learning the game and not quite prepared for ranked play just yet. By the time a patch arrives I'll have had time to skill up a bit.

Even in its current state there's less lag than I see with MK9.

I also think some folks forget that if you are planning on spending 100+ hours on a game, you are obviously more passionate than most players and really just want the game to be the best it can be. It is always dissapointing to see wasted potential in something you love.

Tito083098d ago

I'm not playing Ranked matches either cause I still want to finish the trials which I completed most of them, specially the parry mode which I'm not great at, or playing with my boys from the times I used to play the Arcades....

This game took me a while to learn the combos and everything else, this as well as Alpha 3 and Capcom vs SNK 2 are my favorite capcom fighters of all, I was never interested in SF4!!!