NowGamer - Interview With XCOM Creator Julian Gollop

NowGamer - We speak to the mind behind so many classic strategy games, including XCOM.

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Triggs3097d ago

I was very excited for Dreamland Chronicles, but sadly it was cancelled like Julian said. If he says Valkyria would be "eerily" the same as they evisioned Dreamland I might check that out.

UFO Enemy Unknown would be up there as one of my old time favorites, a sleeper hit - even bought a Steam copy of it just to have it all over again. I just tried it out of the blue in '94 without knowing if UFO would be good or bad, but because I liked Breach and Breach 2 before it, this game sounded okay. But damn I didn't expect UFO to be very addicting, and by not saving games in Battlescapes would really make the game even scary (and more soldiers going home in body bags).