Full eGames Expo game list in all its glory

The folks at the eGames & Entertainment Expo have now sent us a finalised list of the all the games that will be on show at the expo when it kicks off this weekend. Some of the big hitters for Nintendo include: Super Mario Galaxy (although it will be released in the rest of the world by the time the expo begins), Link's Cross Bow Training, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, and many other games just released.

'Just released' titles on show at the eGames expo:

• Crysis
• Assassin's Creed
• Fury
• Haze
• Halo 3
• Metroid Prime 3 Corruption
• Big Brain Academy
• Tzuga
• The Simpsons Game (PSP®)
• Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction (PS3)
• Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection – available to play online (PS3)
• Warhawk (PS3)
• Haze (PS3)...

The full list after the jump.

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