PS Blog - Combat Wings: Spreading My Wings With PlayStation Move

Sid Shuman writes: Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII lands on PS3 this November with aerial combat campaigns set amidst the bloodiest air battles of World War II. Not long ago, I tried out a pre-release version of the game under the watchful eye of Creative Director Jakub Majewski, focusing on the game’s use of the PlayStation Move motion controller.

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Bathyj3103d ago

Wow, it looks great. And about time too.

I've been preying for ages for M$ for resurrect Crimson skies but in seems if there arent space marines in it they dont want to know about it.

This game might not have the charm or wit of Crimson Skies, but at least it might fulfil my hankering for dogfighting.

Goozex3103d ago

Feels refreshing to have some core psn move titles rather than the ape escapes etc.