HD was 'biggest factor' in lack of Wii core appeal

Despite its sales, core gamers generally preferred other consoles over the Wii. As the company prepares to launch the Wii U, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is opening up about some of the Wii's shortcomings, and says that the lack of HD played a major role in the system's perception as casual-only.

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Alos883102d ago

That and the horrendous online system. Either shorten friend codes to something people can remember with ease or remove them wholesale.

Yi-Long3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

- No HDD

- No proper controller when it just came out.

- No proper 3rd party support for 'core' games.

- It was gimmick-based hype when it came out, so that sold very well to those who are into gimmicks and 'hype', but most gamers just went 'meh' and waited for more games like Mario Galaxy to be announced before they wanted to make a decision if it would be worth spending so much money on a beefed up Gamecube.

There are a 5-10 games available for the Wii that seem like a lot of fun to me, but not enough to make me buy a non-HD system without HDMI-output.

militant073102d ago

WiiU again introduce stupid controller with nice graphics, but once next generation of console releases. It will become another wii.

God I hate nintendo/

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NukaCola3102d ago

Um I don't believe this at all. HD is important but the biggest problem was Nintendo of America's horrible marketing. The Wii was basically for moms and dads, the core gamers were shut out almost 3 years in a row. The third party support was a joke, the only core games were poorly marketed and too short for the most part. The features of the system were a joke, the Wii does nothing extra but have a crappy browser and substandard netflix. It was not built with longevity in mind, it was just a cheap system. Some of the best looking games like Last Story, Fatal Frame 4, and Xenoblade are not even coming out of JP...I mean WTF!?!?!! The 1st party titles are good, but even the biggest name games got less marketing than PETZ Ponies 3: The Return of Sprinkles. I really hope Wii U is going to be NoA pulling their heads out of their asses.

X-Frame3102d ago

Possibly, but it's all about game selection for me and the Wii had nothing I was interested in -- HD or not.

MrGunny943102d ago

I don't care about graphics... The missing part in the core franchsie in the Wii is the lack of a decent gaming controler and SERIOUS GAMES... not fantasy and rpgs and stuff...

FIRST CORE GAMES... no motion sensor and stuff... or you put us in a VURTLA WORLD or let me play with a mouse keyboard or controler...

And the lack of shooters and strategy games...

KentBlake3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I'd like to know The Vurtla World! It sounds awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.