PS3 DualShock 3 rumbles all compatible PS2 games, confirms Sony

Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer that all PlayStation 2 titles that support rumble and are compatible with PS3 will also rumble if you use the new DualShock 3 pad.

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LiquifiedArt4929d ago

I have one on teh way in from across the ocean. WOOT. But what u guys didnt know is the Analogs have been tweaked and now respond much better. HAHAHA> YES~!

Darkiewonder4929d ago

I may get one sooner than expected!

ruibing4929d ago

Same here, I can finally enjoy rumble on my favorite PS2 titles again.

akaFullMetal4929d ago

well does anybody know of a good site, to get one cheap?? and it does work on U.S. ps3's right???

OutLaw4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Forget about that site. I didn't see it was back ordered

Frulond4929d ago

can't wait for dualshock3 to hit us :D

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