Deep Silver: Extra Blu Ray Space Wasn’t Needed For Dead Island

GB : We conducted an interview with Sebastian Reichert, Producer, Deep Silver and there were a lot of information about Dead Island that we came to know.

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WhiteLightning3101d ago

Would they use it anyway if they had to

I mean it's not like they're going to make one version better then the other by adding more content.

gamingdroid3101d ago

We will find out when the game releases if it fills up the disc. Great games like Borderlands only took 3.4 GB, while others take multiple discs so it is all game dependent.

Tru_Blu3101d ago

Borderlands was good but there was only like 7 or 8 different enemies. They just tacked on Alpha or some such to them and made them stronger.

gamingdroid3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Yes, that are games in general though, just more so with Borderlands. However, you can see the amount of "graphical data" isn't very demanding.

Increasing enemies in Borderlands would hardly make you notice a bump in game size. Most of the games require lots of space uses it for very high bit-rate video/audio and in some cases to replicate data on disc for faster access.

makingdamage3101d ago

Probably not. Microsoft forces the developer to not put more content on ps3 version of the game any way.

kaveti66163101d ago

why would the ps3 version deserve more content?

WhiteLightning3101d ago we go

Did I say it deserved more content, no

I'm pointing out that no developer would do that for any console even if they did need the space. Why would a developer make a better game for another console.....they wouldn't.

Skateboard3101d ago

Cause it can have more content?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33101d ago

They said it wasn't needed. What more confirmation do people need?

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Dread3101d ago ShowReplies(2)
Tzuno3101d ago

Blue ray is like a child with it's i-phone. Who the hell need stupid amount of space, there are movies that don't use full space on blue ray so why the waste,i installed Stuff pack for SIMS 3 and the kit was 4.5 gig or more and the installation size of the pack was 450 Mb. WTF?

Ser3101d ago

More space is a bad thing? Really? That's pretty illogical.

Tzuno3101d ago

It's not a bad thing it's a bad move when you waste it for little things that fit on a cd or a dvd. How many blue rays are wasted on PS3 leaving aside exclusives and long games because there are games that are 3.5 gig and what about the space that remains on that blue ray? It's a waste in most cases it's like they are forcing us to buy a product because is the new standard but that product is more than enough and don't justifies the price

Ser3101d ago


I'm sorry, but I really couldn't understand that comment. I'm being totally serious.

strange19863101d ago


Yeah, a coherent argument that is not.

TenkoTAiLS3101d ago

He's not so much saying that. I understand what he's trying to say, I still see it being done on DVD's too. He means there are a lot of games and movies out there that don't take up the ammount of space that would require a bluray, do why use it? It's just forcing the consumer to pay for wasted space and a more high end product that wasn't needed in the first place.

There are bluray movies and games that only take up say 3.8gig, why not just use a DVD? It's not the storage media that makes the game HD, it's the format it's in. Or those 2 disc movies that you buy that when you look at the file sizes they could have put the content on 1 disc. Even DVD was guilty of this, there are 700meg expansions and games back in the day they put on DVD discs, why, when a cheaper CD would have done the job? Why have a 2 disc DVD movie box set when both discs only contain 2.2gig of data each and they could have put it all on one 4.7gig DVD?

He's saying why are they forcing the consumer to pay top dollar for higher storage capacity discs when in some cases they aren't needed. Oh that's right, money >.<

Why give the consumer all the content on one bluray disc and only ask they pay a one disc price, when we can make it a two disc set and split the content over those two discs, and then charge them for having two discs and over 20gig of wasted, unused space. $$$$

Army_of_Darkness3100d ago

you have the dvd version and a blu-ray version of s video game. same price even if one is of higher quality, so which one would you choose?? and with both formats being at equal price, which company do you think is ripping off the consumer now? sony or microsoft?!...

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Miiikeyyy3101d ago

Considering alot of Devs complain about disk space. Look at how many games took advantage of the Blu-rays space, look at how awesome they look and sound.

Drekken3101d ago

Its Bluray - Not Blue. That **** drives me crazy.

kaveti66163101d ago

Considering that the term "Blu" is a shortened marketing term designed to catch the eye of the dumb masses who have now become so stupid that even one-syllable words have to be shortened, it drives me crazy that you would be annoyed by someone using the proper spelling of the word "blue."

Drekken3100d ago

Kaveti, its like someones parents referring to all consoles as a "nintendo". Its just uninformed and wrong. If you are going to state your opinion about something, have your facts straight - Especially the name of what you are bashing.

DJMarty3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

@Tzunoy - I take a game/movie on Blu-ray any day of the week compared to DVD. Superb picture & uncompressed audio, and not having to swap discs half way through watching/playing wins hands down.

Ofcourse dumbass bots and those stuck in the darkages will disagree.

TyrionL3101d ago

No you just don’t understand what he’s saying. He's saying when the "Superb picture & uncompressed audio, and not having to swap discs half way through watching/playing", still only takes up 4 gigs of space all the extra space means nothing, and you still have to pay for the "Blu Ray" regardless. Really it's not that hard to understand. When a game/movie doesn't need more space than a DVD offers what’s the point? That's all he meant. No reason to act so arrogant, and show everyone what a total douche you are.

CrawFail3101d ago

I've been buying music CDs for years that are FAR from full to capacity.. Oh no! Call the Space Waste Police to recall all that precious surface area.


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LOLconsoles3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Blu ray is not needed at all, dvd is fine. Hell, we don't even need disc based media, I say we go back to vhs tapes for movies, cassette tapes for music, and cartridges for games! Or better yet, why don't we just get rid of movies and games altogether and just read books for entertainment!!!

TyrionL3101d ago

Don't you dare take a shot at books. To a lot of us it's still the best form of entertainment out there. Neither games, nor movie can put you in a setting the way a book can. You can read what a person feels, sees, smells, thinks, wants, just so many things visual media can't get across as well. If you don't read find, deprive yourself, but don't act like books are some obsolete entertainment, they are still superior to all.

vyke33101d ago

really people? disagree with him? people on N4G are dumb. they cant tell the difference between trolling and SARCASM.

TyrionL3100d ago

Umm, you're on N4G. Does that make you one of these "dumb" people?

vyke33100d ago

@TyrionL lol. i guess so?

zero_cool3101d ago

I disagree if the studio has the budget & talented enough staff then they should build in game engines that can scale to the strengths of both consoles to the best of both of the consoles capabilities & not hold back like dice is doing in battlefield 3.

P.S..Here's the proof dice is pushing all gaming platforms strengths to the best of their capabilities with battlefield 3 & isn't holding back on any platform & proves other multi-platform studios are just being plain lazy & cheap skates....

death2smoochie3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

"proves other multi-platform studios are just being plain lazy & cheap skates...."

I agree and disagree...if that makes sense lol

There are some studios that are indeed lazy(god I would love to see them go out of business)
...but most of the other studios are not lazy.
It comes down to COST of development/time and resources.
Them being cheap skates as you pointed out comes from the fact most 3rd party houses do not have the capital that software companies like EA/DICE, Activision, UBI-Soft, THQ etc have to push a console with difficult software deployment tools and difficult hardware.
Is it any wonder why only 1st party developers seem to be able to push the PS3 the best? It's not coincidence. It's about CAPITAL.

EA has this type of budget to push the PS3 if it wants to.
1st party developers are fully funded by the console company so money is not an issue at all. However small development houses have no such resources or luxury and have to work within budget...or they go bankrupt or close to it if the game goes over budget and does not sell enough units...
This is what happened to the company that made LAIR.
Game development for triple A titles start out at 10 million and can go as high as 40+ million.
What small 3rd party developer has that sort of money if they are not funded by the console company? Almost NONE.
Unfortunately if you do the research, most of the 3rd party developers making games for these consoles are NOT big companies, but smaller and mid size firms with limited budgets.
Then when you take into consideration triple A games can take 2+ years to make, a failed project for a small, mid size software firm can mean chapter 11...

This is another reason why the next generation consoles are not being released as of yet...development costs for those consoles will be even higher then they are now.
The PS3 as of now STILL has the highest development costs among all relevant systems out this generation. PC gaming included.

It's not always lazy developers. It comes down to cost/manpower and budgets. Sony is not funding 3rd party developers to make up for their poor software development tools and different approach to hardware.
Sony biggest mistake this generation was not taking input AT ALL from game developers. This issue came up many times. It's common knowledge Sony never approached game developers in this regard.
It's actually the only area I can think of where MS made the right decisions for the Xbox360. They asked for input from all sources. Then they should have asked for hardware reliability advice after LOL
The reality is Sony just built the PS3 and gave the impression to game deevelopers big and small:

"Build it and they will come...."

That did not work out too well for them as seen.
Sony went from having almost all industry made games as the development lead console for multi-platform games (PS1,PS2) to being the last lead console for multi-platform games this generation (PS3)
Cost and hardware difficulty were the main reasons.

Now take a look at Sony's new direction?
The Vita.
Off the shelf parts.
Better software development tools then the PS3 and cheaper development kits. Now that's a winner right there. Nintendo better look out.
You can bet Sony won't be making the same mistake with the PS4 and you will see a friendlier development kit/software tools and hardware than the PS3.

So it's not always LAZY cheapskates. It comes down to COST and resources which 3rd party house not as big as EA, Ubi-Soft and the likes have.

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